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skijor 03-31-14 05:11 PM

Lead singer for The Man Blenders.

ahsposo 03-31-14 05:45 PM

Lead groupie for The Man Blenders.

gitarzan 03-31-14 05:51 PM

On a spaghetti and cupcake diet.

MillCreek 04-01-14 08:11 AM

Insists that all his food be pureed in a Vitamix.

gitarzan 04-01-14 08:20 AM

Loves the North Korean edition of Bicycling Magazine.

ahsposo 04-01-14 03:44 PM

Has a subscription to Playboy. It gives him issues, however.

gitarzan 04-01-14 04:12 PM

Nobody's fool on April 1st. The rest of year, he buys into anything.

MillCreek 04-01-14 08:13 PM

He demands a man cave with the finest Naugahyde seating.

3alarmer 04-01-14 08:18 PM

. a young brave, he was the foremost Nauga hunter of the entire Snohomish nation. Now, he serves more as an elder statesman.

gitarzan 04-01-14 09:10 PM

Only friend he's ever had is the internet.

MillCreek 04-01-14 09:36 PM

His favorite friend was ordered from the Internet at fleshlig**.com.

3alarmer 04-01-14 09:48 PM

...prefers his friends to be either imaginary or inflatable. Often, they seem to have a mixture of both elements.

black_box 04-01-14 10:05 PM

He's the reason those two letters are covered in *** on your screen.

ahsposo 04-02-14 05:35 AM


Smug as a bug in a rug.

ModoVincere 04-02-14 08:06 AM

Was a bug in a rug till he got squished. Now he's a oily spot on the rug.

ahsposo 04-02-14 09:56 AM

Drinks a drug from a jug in a slug or sips from a mug.

gitarzan 04-02-14 11:36 AM

Had all his bones removed so he can slide under doors.

skijor 04-02-14 11:50 AM

Built a cage with her bones.

gitarzan 04-02-14 01:19 PM

Harshes the buzz, wherever he goes.

3alarmer 04-02-14 01:40 PM

...not buzzed all the time, wherever he goes.

ahsposo 04-02-14 01:48 PM

Has a nice, tight grasp on the essentials...

3alarmer 04-02-14 02:35 PM

...most definitely going as Justin Bieber this coming Halloween.

ahsposo 04-02-14 04:50 PM

Is taking the easy way out this Halloween by going as Father Time...

eschlwc 04-02-14 10:08 PM

waiting 'til june to try out all his hanukkah jokes.

skijor 04-02-14 10:27 PM

Lip synced his wedding vows.

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