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3alarmer 04-03-14 12:48 AM

...he always cries at weddings. He just cannot help himself. Some of it has to do with the ugly stuff that happened during his third divorce.

MillCreek 04-03-14 06:40 AM

Thinks that marriage is much like Microsoft software: it is not very good until you get to version 3.0.

Jseis 04-03-14 08:35 AM

His marriage is like a backup hard drive, when he really needs it, he can't remember how to use the software.

gitarzan 04-03-14 03:44 PM

Could have married any woman he pleased. Turned out he couldn't please any of them.

eschlwc 04-03-14 04:10 PM

says, "i got a million of 'em."

as we plead quietly, "dear, god, oh, please stop."

and all the children within earshot weep ... and weep ... and weep ...

3alarmer 04-03-14 04:28 PM

Originally Posted by eschlwc (Post 16639523)

and all the children within earshot weep ... and weep ... and weep ...

....told his followers one day, "Suffer the little children to come unto me." The subsequent restraining order is in effect until 2018.

ahsposo 04-03-14 04:33 PM

Sitting on a park bench...

eschlwc 04-03-14 05:05 PM

after being the catfish sidekick to misterjaw was cancelled ...

... his next gig was as muddy mudskipper.

says the two hours in makeup each day was pure hell.

gitarzan 04-03-14 09:03 PM

says, "i got a million of 'em."

as he reaches for a bottle of lice repellent.

ahsposo 04-04-14 01:42 AM

Has a pet bumblebee.

"His name is Larry" he told me.

MillCreek 04-04-14 07:59 AM

His theme song is 'Flight of the Bumblebee'

skijor 04-04-14 09:40 AM

Chocolate bunnies are pooping in his easter grass toupée.

MillCreek 04-04-14 05:19 PM

At the request of his wife, has repurposed his toupee as a merkin.

Jseis 04-04-14 05:26 PM

Post a Lie about the poster above - Volume 2
Like a good 'Merikan, he's bimerkin.

trsidn 04-04-14 05:35 PM

thinks that there's something wrong with that...

mastronaut 04-04-14 06:22 PM

Thinks its the funniest thing he's read all day!

gitarzan 04-04-14 07:19 PM

Doesn't get Vulcan humor.

mastronaut 04-04-14 09:04 PM

Has Vatican humor...

ahsposo 04-04-14 09:14 PM

...has Roman hands.

skijor 04-04-14 09:36 PM

Weleased Woderick.

3alarmer 04-05-14 12:28 AM

...once went woefully away when withdrawing without whatever he once withheld. #wut

mastronaut 04-05-14 06:22 AM

Is woefully whacking his wee wee...

ahsposo 04-05-14 09:05 AM

Little known mastronaut fact: In the world of competitive flag waving he is legend. In fact his recent absence from this thread is explained by his participation in and total dominance of the International Flag Waving Finals held in beautiful downtown Rocha, Uraguay.

Jseis 04-05-14 09:15 AM

He gets a little tingling when listening to Smashing Pumpkins.

gitarzan 04-05-14 09:26 AM

Arrested for threatening a local woman with bodily ham.

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