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3alarmer 04-21-14 01:41 AM

Originally Posted by eschlwc (Post 16688885)
takes everything literally. but you can't spell it out for him, 'cause he's illiterate.

...ever since he got the Cadillac stuck on the beach, he's been taking everything littoraly.

ahsposo 04-21-14 05:56 AM

Is haunted by the Ghost of Ewwchewielouie...

skijor 04-21-14 07:31 AM

His glass eye is actually a snow globe. Go ahead and shake him. You know you want to.

MillCreek 04-21-14 08:44 AM

Totally stole the snow globe idea from the series finale of St. Elsewhere.

skijor 04-21-14 09:05 AM

aka the Ypsi Pooper.
Serial Playground Pooper Remains on the Loose in Ypsilanti, Mich.

ahsposo 04-21-14 09:43 AM

Has a great idea for a new comic book series: Shatman vs. The Fecal Fiend.

Is taking a meeting with Marvel this afternoon and is hoping to do some business with them.

CbadRider 04-21-14 09:56 AM

Wonders why no one wanted to eat the fudge he brought for Easter.

Wilfred Laurier 04-21-14 11:18 AM

a few hours after breakfast he takes a drive to a playground in ypsilanti
and he has been labelled a cereal pooper

Jseis 04-21-14 01:30 PM

Took the bait 'cause he really knows his poop.

ahsposo 04-21-14 04:29 PM

Has the diversity of bait: Live, dead, jail and queer. You could say he's the Master...

Jseis 04-21-14 06:18 PM

Is a proud GMO, though without sex (always ripe and thank god he can't procreate)...he dreams of what coulda shoulda woulda been.

Wilfred Laurier 04-21-14 10:48 PM

his favourite type of animal is the gummi bear

eschlwc 04-22-14 12:01 AM

his favorite vomit is salmonella induced and his favorite belly laugh goes, "eh ha ah rah ah arfh."

skijor 04-22-14 09:19 AM

His family trucksters' vanity plates are SAM and ELLA, in memory of their first date.

CbadRider 04-22-14 09:22 AM

Thinks Listeria is a pretty name for a girl.

ahsposo 04-22-14 11:39 AM

Thinks her new boyfriend is a real fun guy.

trsidn 04-22-14 11:58 AM

Was desperately trying to work in the joke 'There's a fungus among us'...

MillCreek 04-22-14 01:47 PM

Buys his clotrimazole cream by the pallet load.

Jseis 04-22-14 01:56 PM

Post a Lie about the poster above - Volume 2
Is titillated whenever he reads or hears the word "cream".

Wilfred Laurier 04-22-14 04:35 PM

stopped visiting canada when he saw **** milk in a grocery store

it was not dislike for ***** that made him angry though
quite the opposite

he was infuriated that the **** milk had to be singled out

Wilfred Laurier 04-22-14 04:38 PM

he is totally fine with bikeforums rejecting the health canada shorthand for
homogenized whole milk

ahsposo 04-22-14 04:53 PM

Prefers queer milk.

skijor 04-23-14 12:27 AM

Had one of those stomach viewing ports installed just to mess with TSA.

eschlwc 04-23-14 03:34 AM

to mess with tsa, he fakes tourettes.

MillCreek 04-23-14 08:08 AM

Is proud to support, and drink, milk of any orientation.

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