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skijor 04-23-14 08:30 AM


3alarmer 04-23-14 09:14 AM

. order to simplify his life, he both sleeps in and skis while wearing "ski" pajamas. The cost savings has been significant, and he's writing a blog on simple living.

Jseis 04-23-14 09:29 AM

Is expanding his blog to ​include square head philosophy.

skijor 04-23-14 09:42 AM

Gets sleepy after lying.

trsidn 04-23-14 09:43 AM

never lies

MillCreek 04-23-14 11:01 AM

Sometimes awakes in a panic because he cannot remember the difference between 'prone' and 'supine'.

Jseis 04-23-14 02:25 PM

Post a Lie about the poster above - Volume 2
Stays awake at night wondering if he's the he or the she but maybe she's the he, then says oh WTF.

3alarmer 04-23-14 02:38 PM

...he's the what in WTF. But he has not let his fame lead to pomposity or self aggrandizement.

ahsposo 04-23-14 03:56 PM

Put the 'retch' in stretchy...

skijor 04-23-14 10:07 PM

Lying keeps him regular. That explains the need for laxatives in old farts. Most of them are so truthy.

ahsposo 04-24-14 02:25 AM

Put the 'crap' in scrappy.

skijor 04-24-14 05:30 AM

Jaws was never his scene and he don't like Star Wars.

ahsposo 04-24-14 07:08 AM

Puts the 'spit' in hospitable.

MillCreek 04-24-14 08:07 AM

Knows a great deal about spitting vs. swallowing.

trsidn 04-24-14 09:17 AM

really regrets spitting all of the watermelon seeds out

ahsposo 04-24-14 11:58 AM

Puts the 'twit' in notwithstanding.

trsidn 04-24-14 01:37 PM

Is out standing in his field.

MillCreek 04-24-14 01:40 PM

Requires an elaborate system of scaffolding and safety harnesses to do a handstand.

trsidn 04-24-14 01:46 PM

Thinks that's weird.

CbadRider 04-24-14 02:01 PM

Likes to crochet his own designs for safety harnesses and give them as Christmas gifts.

ahsposo 04-24-14 02:27 PM

Puts the 'hot' in psychotic.

Wilfred Laurier 04-24-14 03:09 PM

puts the 's.o.b.' in 'conscientious objector'

ahsposo 04-24-14 03:19 PM

Puts the 'lick' in oilslick.

Wilfred Laurier 04-24-14 03:36 PM

puts the 'rat' in 'desparate'

ahsposo 04-24-14 04:05 PM

Puts the 'normal' in abnormality.

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