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trsidn 04-24-14 04:33 PM

Wove the ties that bind

3alarmer 04-24-14 05:55 PM

...made a huge fortune at a young age in puts and calls. Cashed it all in to live a life of quiet contemplation and reflection.

ahsposo 04-24-14 06:12 PM

His family (a fun dysfunctional sort) is putting the 'nasty' in dynasty.

Sort of a "Keeping up with the Kardashians" deal...

Jseis 04-24-14 06:50 PM

Puts the member in melon.

ahsposo 04-24-14 06:59 PM

Puts the 'tent' in ostentatious, inattention, and in pretentious the showy basterd...

CbadRider 04-24-14 07:07 PM

Is getting a tattoo of Kim and Kanye on his chest to commemorate their wedding.

3alarmer 04-24-14 07:43 PM

...she "has a guy" for tattoos, who works cheaply and doesn't ask too many questions.

ahsposo 04-24-14 08:15 PM

Puts the much kneeded 'ken' in chicken...

3alarmer 04-24-14 08:27 PM

...When he plays with his collection of Barbie dolls, the Ken dolls get kneaded a lot, if you know what I mean. nttawwt

skijor 04-24-14 10:44 PM

Was mistaken for a Super Toe™ one too many times as a boy, hence the flat spot on his head.

ahsposo 04-25-14 04:18 AM

Puts the 'tip' in constipation.

skijor 04-25-14 08:21 AM

Puts the 'daily sex' in dyslexia.

MillCreek 04-25-14 08:41 AM

Doesn't know and doesn't care if he is ignorant vs. apathetic.

CbadRider 04-25-14 08:56 AM

Has a secret store of colonoscopy videos that he keeps from his wife.

trsidn 04-25-14 09:25 AM

was the wife. Found them.

skijor 04-25-14 09:31 AM

Commutes to work by trebuchet.

MillCreek 04-25-14 01:20 PM

Mr. Fancy Pants here is too good for a catapult.

3alarmer 04-25-14 03:06 PM


...he's currently working on a very secret project to reduce the costs for colonoscopy by using a small catapult to reduce overall time spent per procedure. No fatalities yet.

ahsposo 04-25-14 03:10 PM

Puts the 'bore' in labored.

eschlwc 04-25-14 03:43 PM

puts the worth in reading this thread.

ahsposo 04-25-14 04:25 PM

Puts the 'lame' in flameout.

superdex 04-25-14 08:53 PM

had a one trick pony and forgot to feed it

ahsposo 04-26-14 06:47 AM

Put the 'scab' in scabies.

skijor 04-26-14 08:09 AM

Puts the 'gah' in naugahyde.

mastronaut 04-26-14 09:52 AM

Put the rump in Harumpphhh...

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