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ahsposo 04-26-14 10:22 AM

Puts the 'perv' in supervision.

MillCreek 04-26-14 10:53 AM

Puts the 'mini' in 'minion'.

mastronaut 04-26-14 12:59 PM

Puts the limp in wrist.....

Jseis 04-26-14 01:08 PM

Threw the dick around ick.

mastronaut 04-26-14 01:44 PM

Wraps the job around hand job...

ahsposo 04-26-14 03:56 PM

Is often accused of being "Mr. Niceguy".

Jseis 04-26-14 04:57 PM

Always holds his sweet melon close in and tight.

skijor 04-26-14 05:14 PM

Puts the runs in quaruntine.

ahsposo 04-26-14 05:23 PM

Teaches High School English.

Jseis 04-26-14 05:41 PM

Post a Lie about the poster above - Volume 2
Put the ass in lass.

ahsposo 04-26-14 06:21 PM

Put the dick in Richard.

Jseis 04-26-14 06:31 PM

Put the wee wee in sweet sweet member

ahsposo 04-26-14 07:13 PM

Never played Doctor.

He played Nurse.

Jseis 04-26-14 07:20 PM

Put the bum in bump and grind.

ahsposo 04-26-14 07:33 PM

Will let almost any thing be put in his bum.

Including bum's things, you know, hobo nonos.

skijor 04-26-14 08:48 PM

Teaches blue math.

ahsposo 04-26-14 09:08 PM

Keeps nieces pieces.

CbadRider 04-26-14 11:38 PM

*reads posts at top of page* Um, we do need to keep this thread PG, please. Let's not veer too far over to the dark side.

Originally Posted by ahsposo (Post 16705101)
Keeps nieces pieces.

Had plastic surgery to make himself look like ET.

eschlwc 04-27-14 04:26 AM

would go in for an ahspoopoectomy if insurance covered it.

mastronaut 04-27-14 05:20 AM

If he had insurance he would be out of his sand grave...

skijor 04-27-14 07:44 AM

Puts things in their place. (Lord knows I don't)

ahsposo 04-27-14 08:16 AM

Promises he'll be good.

3alarmer 04-27-14 09:28 AM

His best karaoke night number at the local watering hole is, "Promises, promises." You can tell when he belts out, "I'm all through with promises, promises now !" that it's sincere.

Jseis 04-27-14 10:38 AM

Finally accepted the truth that a bad night of karaoke was still better than a good day fishin'.

ahsposo 04-27-14 11:29 AM

He can't handle the truth. He fondles it.

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