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no motor? 04-06-20 02:53 PM

Originally Posted by ahsposo (Post 21403836)
Is envious of my ability to do volumes of meaningful, productive work and yet have time for the frivolity of social media.

Congratulations on posting the biggest lie here yet.

ahsposo 04-06-20 02:55 PM

The poor fellow is obviously sick, sick I tell you, with jealousy.

skijor 04-07-20 11:23 AM

jjankie 04-07-20 01:31 PM

Plays a biker on TV reality show. Quite an actor.

ahsposo 04-07-20 01:55 PM

Plays an actor at his local bike shop. Quite a lunatic.

no motor? 04-07-20 03:10 PM

His neighbors and family have pooled their stimulus checks (they didn't even need gofundme for that) to send him away for enhanced social distancing. They're looking for a 3 hour cruise for a start.

Rollfast 04-07-20 05:05 PM

Mary Ann and Ginger are crazy about him.

3alarmer 04-07-20 07:46 PM

...he's certain the women who played Mary Anne and Ginger on Gilligan's Island are still out there, waiting for the right guy to come along. #3some

ahsposo 04-07-20 07:56 PM

Spends many a long, lonely sleepless night wondering why the Thurston Howell III's would have been on some crappy tour boat and not on their own damn yacht?

no motor? 04-08-20 01:34 AM

Aspires to be as capable as Gilligan.

Rollfast 04-08-20 05:07 AM

Secretly wanted to be as hot as Greg Brady.

ahsposo 04-08-20 09:41 AM

Ambitiously wants to be as smart as Cliff Clavin.

no motor? 04-08-20 02:14 PM

Already has his charisma.

Rollfast 04-09-20 05:07 AM

Is working on a vaccine for that.

ahsposo 04-09-20 07:52 AM

Is asymptomatic of charisma.

no motor? 04-09-20 08:32 AM

Has found that strangers don't run away screaming until after they hear him speak after meeting him now that he wears a mask in public.

3alarmer 04-10-20 07:36 PM

. junior high school, he bored a hole in the wall between the boys and girls locker room and got to see Charisma Detweiler's hooters.

AreeSoothsayer 04-10-20 09:06 PM

He learned at a young age to breath fire, accidently melting a Delorian.

ahsposo 04-11-20 05:52 AM

One of the original Mouseketeers, he was dismissed for nibbling Annette Funicello's cheeseballs.

3alarmer 04-11-20 02:47 PM

...quickly learned that, when breathing fire, it is a mistake to inhale. And he did not have sex with that woman.

no motor? 04-11-20 06:04 PM

Or any other wonan.

Rollfast 04-11-20 06:19 PM

Helped God create wonan.

ahsposo 04-11-20 06:20 PM

Puts the "ossum" in possum. And has PETA really, really mad at him for it.

Rollfast 04-11-20 06:24 PM

PETA is his second cousin on mom's side.

ahsposo 04-11-20 07:31 PM

Thinks my cousin PETA is his dream wonan.

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