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3alarmer 06-03-20 06:51 PM

...the first poem in his newly published collection * starts with the line, "Something there is that doesn't love my pants..."

...........................................................*now available in either print or electronic format on Amazon

no motor? 06-05-20 09:01 AM

Thinks NPR stands for No Pants Radio.

3alarmer 06-05-20 10:11 AM

...likes to sew up cute little fake pants outfits for his pets to make them look adorable.

ahsposo 06-05-20 11:22 AM

Has a face a bulldog wants to sniff...

no motor? 06-05-20 03:17 PM

The front view matches the rear in many regards.

3alarmer 06-05-20 07:15 PM

...always snickers when he offers his warmest regards.

no motor? 06-06-20 02:25 PM

Is always hangry in the morning.

3alarmer 06-06-20 05:08 PM

...was once arrested for indecency. He sang "Sugar in the morning" to some woman in the park, while wearing no pants, and she took it the wrong way.

ahsposo 06-06-20 08:17 PM

Was arrested once for decency but was released due to lack of evidence...

3alarmer 06-07-20 12:21 AM

...he has always been, and continues to be, my sweet suggy wuggums. :love:

3alarmer 06-09-20 01:08 PM

...he only today realized that all the lying coming out of the White House has obsoleted the lies thread. And he feels Great Again.

no motor? 06-09-20 03:19 PM

Is raising killer hornets, and trying to breed them with killer bees.

3alarmer 06-09-20 04:32 PM

...he came up with the original idea for the killer bees skits on SNL, during a wild, coke and speed fueled orgy through Tijuana, Ensenada, and all the towns between with John Belushi in 1974.

Shimagnolo 06-09-20 06:52 PM

...he stalked No Motor during a wild, coke and speed fueled orgy through Tijuana, Ensenada, and all the towns between in 1974.

Jseis 06-09-20 07:17 PM

After the orgy he did the Clorox Cleanse Challenge.

ahsposo 06-09-20 07:45 PM

Runs a cell of wild-eyed revolutionaries in the Shady Acres Retirement Village.

3alarmer 06-10-20 07:00 AM

...his code name among the gay escort service guys is "Rawhide".

no motor? 06-10-20 04:52 PM

Now you know why he doesn't like pants.

ahsposo 06-11-20 05:32 AM

Exposes the world to the bellybutton of The Beast.

skijor 06-11-20 10:52 AM

The Jackson Pollock of liars.

Paint Job Steve 06-11-20 11:41 AM

Has a secret folder on his computer of Brett Favre's dick pics.

Jseis 06-11-20 06:44 PM

“Picks Six” with Five Fingered Mary when he needs personal time.

jjankie 06-12-20 07:09 AM

Basically, he's a gravy-sucking pig.

3alarmer 06-12-20 07:33 AM

...due to his longstanding love affair with bacon, he panicked at the early reports of pork product shortages due to Covid 19 outbreaks at meat packing plants. He's now sitting on 20 cubic feet of bacon in the basement chest freezer, and hoping to use at least some of it before he dies of cardiovascular disease. Luckily, it's BLT season now.

3alarmer 06-12-20 07:34 AM

...still firmly believes that brevity is the soul of wit.

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