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Paint Job Steve 06-15-20 08:18 AM

Kicked out of community college art class for repeatedly painting Hitler.

3alarmer 06-15-20 08:25 AM

...still fondly remembers his days in community college dramatics, and the production of "Springtime for Hitler" that briefly made him a star.

no motor? 06-15-20 01:28 PM

#1 son in terms of birth order but definetly not the favorite child.

3alarmer 06-15-20 06:52 PM


...He's dancing on the pedestal on Smokey Robinson's right.This was in the early years, going to a go go, when he first discovered the joys of not wearing pants.

no motor? 06-16-20 03:05 AM

That's Ahsposo you're thinking of. He was a different person when came out of the closet pantsless, unfortunately it wasn't a change for the better.

ahsposo 06-16-20 05:31 AM

The tattoo on his tail reads "I'm with Stupid---->"

roundypndr 06-16-20 07:34 AM

In his quest of chasing no motor's tail, suddenly realized that said tattoo was pointing away from no motor.

jjankie 06-16-20 08:16 AM

Wonders why no one likes the shiny bell on his bike.

Paint Job Steve 06-16-20 08:45 AM

5th grade Halloween costume? Rusty The Bailiff.

ahsposo 06-16-20 02:13 PM

His T-shirt says M.I.L.F.

When I asked him to explain he says it stands for Man! I Love to Fart!

3alarmer 06-16-20 02:28 PM

...nobody is more woke than him. He's so woke that he doesn't even need a hashtag next to his wokeness. That's how woke he is.

3alarmer 06-16-20 02:31 PM

...his close friends often call him "Your Wokeness", out of a sense of both reverence and affection.

no motor? 06-16-20 03:05 PM

Claims that wasn't him at the park in Vienna, but doesn't deny having "massive intestinal wind".

Paint Job Steve 06-16-20 03:40 PM

Clinically diagnosed with Athlete's Foot on scrotum.

3alarmer 06-16-20 07:15 PM

. finds himself wishing he's chosen the username "Pants Job Steve".

ahsposo 06-16-20 07:40 PM

Had a very brief naval career. Misheard and reacted totally inappropriately to the "All Hands on Deck" command...

3alarmer 06-16-20 08:51 PM

...very short waisted, his briefs used to cover his navel. Thanks to middle age spread, his navel is now out and proud.

ahsposo 06-17-20 03:50 AM

A regular Geo. Washington, he cannot tell a lie...

3alarmer 06-17-20 07:18 AM

. absolutely convinced I know he has an outie, because I'm opening all those nude selfies he PM's me.

roundypndr 06-17-20 07:43 AM

Constantly rejects multi million dollar offers from PlayGirl magazine

Paint Job Steve 06-17-20 08:07 AM

Once spent a weekend in a Tijuana jail for telling a federale "No problemo, Pedro."

3alarmer 06-17-20 08:49 AM

...the "paint job" in his username is a reference to the thriving business he once ran out of a small store front in Mexico, custom painting burros to resemble zebras.

ahsposo 06-17-20 04:02 PM

Just heard that Aunt Jemima is going to be available and is hoping she'll go out with him...

3alarmer 06-17-20 05:58 PM

...his current avatar picture is a black clown in whiteface. Color him ironic.

ahsposo 06-17-20 06:31 PM

Is heartbroken that Aunt J (as she is known now) turned him down because he looks just like Colonel Sanders...

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