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Jseis 05-03-14 02:03 PM

Post a Lie about the poster above - Volume 2
Then he cojoined the ****hole Surfers as they really needed a large & commanding stage presence whom they could "work" with.

mastronaut 05-03-14 04:28 PM

Tried to join the Cro-Mags but was too Neanderthal, which made him the fifth member....

ahsposo 05-03-14 07:05 PM

Took the A Train to 125th St. Got duked by a real prince.

mastronaut 05-04-14 10:08 AM

Put his dukes up, got ***** slapped by a 90 year old lady...

MillCreek 05-04-14 10:46 AM

Has this on a loop in his mom's basement.

skijor 05-04-14 10:55 AM

Better known by his royal moniker, Sir Loin of Beef.

mastronaut 05-04-14 11:46 AM

His nickname is Lance T. Boyle.....

trsidn 05-04-14 01:03 PM

Arise, Sir Essence of Myrrh!

ahsposo 05-04-14 01:42 PM

When his uncle died he inherited the family title. He is now Sir Tanely Eugest, Master of His Domain.

3alarmer 05-04-14 03:50 PM

...he's very busy right now making plans for the surprise party he's throwing for the return of @FXjohn, Knight of the Ban Hammer and Defender of the Faith.

ahsposo 05-04-14 05:10 PM

It seems congratulations are in order for 3A!

The Guinness Book of World Records just bestowed the title of "World's Oldest Hipster" on him.

cyclokitty 05-04-14 05:21 PM

He's made from soft Corinthian leather.

MillCreek 05-04-14 06:34 PM

Spends 45 minutes every evening massaging Bag Balm into every square centimeter of her skin. On the upside, her milk production has increased.

skijor 05-04-14 07:09 PM

MillCreek the movie was better than the book.

ahsposo 05-04-14 07:24 PM

skijor the 'anything' is better than his real life; the commercial, the trailer, the rumor, it doesn't matter.

Except the Pinterest stuff.

That's the deal.

3alarmer 05-04-14 08:18 PM

...has a rather odd, Pavlovian reaction when he hears the phrase, "bag balm."

Jseis 05-04-14 09:40 PM

When his partner yelled "Fish on!" his pole immediately stiffened.

skijor 05-04-14 10:21 PM

His trolling motor is a 'rude. He'll be here all night. Try the veal.

3alarmer 05-05-14 10:53 AM

...ain't nothin' , just a good ol' boy. His only regret is buying that Evinrude, instead of a decent Johnson outboard.

Wilfred Laurier 05-05-14 11:23 AM

the mountain might get him
but the law never will

trsidn 05-05-14 11:27 AM

Fought the law and the law won...

skijor 05-05-14 11:30 AM

He's got the lawyer.
He's got the guns.
If you've got the money, honey, he's got your disease.

3alarmer 05-05-14 12:07 PM

...she got the gold mine, he got the shaft.

mastronaut 05-05-14 12:21 PM

Got a large shaft...

trsidn 05-05-14 12:22 PM

Is a bad Mother**********

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