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3alarmer 05-05-14 01:00 PM

...he's the online persona of Richard Roundtree. "Hotter than Bond, cooler than Bullitt"

ahsposo 05-05-14 01:37 PM

He's the online persona of Captain Kangaroo. "Hipper than Mr. Green Jeans and slicker than the Banana Man..."

3alarmer 05-05-14 03:06 PM

...was recently drop kicked through the goal post of life by @Jseis. Missed it by that much.

mastronaut 05-05-14 03:13 PM

Was dropped by his baby sitter on his 30th birthday...

ahsposo 05-05-14 03:28 PM

Was raised by wolves.

mastronaut 05-05-14 03:40 PM

Wolfishly grins at sheep...

3alarmer 05-05-14 04:02 PM

. new meaning to the phrase, "sheepish grin." Yes, it is illegal in some places. (OK, most places)

mastronaut 05-05-14 04:47 PM

He knows that sign language consists of more than a middle finger...

ahsposo 05-05-14 04:57 PM

Is a blatant arthropod, the spineless bastard.

trsidn 05-05-14 05:03 PM

Is a seedless bastard...

mastronaut 05-05-14 07:59 PM

Is a plant..

trsidn 05-05-14 11:55 PM

Is a double agent.

ahsposo 05-06-14 03:00 AM

Is an International Man of Misery.

mastronaut 05-06-14 05:40 AM

Is a price worth paying...

MillCreek 05-06-14 05:58 AM

Is prepared for climate change.

ahsposo 05-06-14 06:15 AM

Lives his life as an example of the 'worst case scenario'.

skijor 05-06-14 07:18 AM

He's green & hairy and lives in a Faraday cage (aka as a trash can).

Jseis 05-06-14 08:06 AM

His Shrek Pirate Radio just can't get an audience.

trsidn 05-06-14 08:28 AM

Is Siriusly considering moving his radio to satellite...

skijor 05-06-14 09:05 AM

Cured his sleep apnea with a horse head pillow.

ahsposo 05-06-14 09:06 AM

Gets much better reception since he started wearing the tin foil helmet.

Wilfred Laurier 05-06-14 09:18 AM

demands his dentist gives him mercury based fillings

even though
the technology is considered outdated and potentially dangerous
he has no teeth

trsidn 05-06-14 09:27 AM

his lies aren't wordy enough...

Wilfred Laurier 05-06-14 09:32 AM

hes good enough
hes smart enough
gosh darn it
people like him

trsidn 05-06-14 10:07 AM

gave up on positive self affirmations, unfortunately...

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