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MillCreek 05-07-14 12:49 PM

Is quite pleased that Peter Mayhew will reprise the role of Chewbacca in the Star Wars reboot.

trsidn 05-07-14 01:13 PM

Wonders if he will have aged much...

ahsposo 05-07-14 05:10 PM

Is hoping that Jar Jar Binks will have a leading part in the new Star Wars.

MillCreek 05-07-14 09:22 PM

Did not just go there.

CbadRider 05-07-14 10:04 PM

Likes to walk around the house in his Wookie costume.

3alarmer 05-07-14 10:18 PM

...often found at home wandering aimlessly about wearing a baseball cap that says "Forum Administrator" and little else.

Jseis 05-07-14 10:23 PM

Ordered a "Kick Ass" superhero costume only to discover on arrival that it was Kick's evil twin Lame.

skijor 05-07-14 11:23 PM

Just got the Adam & Eve Lego set. Or was it Adam & Steve?

ahsposo 05-08-14 01:29 AM

Still has the very rare Rock Hudson Erector Set his Uncle Josh gave him for his eight birthday.

MillCreek 05-08-14 08:08 AM

Knows that the handy thing about Wookie costumes is using it to wipe the Cheetos dust off your fingers after a multi-hour World of Warcraft session in the basement.

3alarmer 05-08-14 11:49 AM

...his Star Wars quilting project turned out so well that he's thinking about entering it in the State Fair competition this year.

skijor 05-08-14 12:14 PM

The Foo action figures tell him to burn things.

trsidn 05-08-14 12:33 PM

Never listens to the voices in his head...

ahsposo 05-08-14 12:36 PM

Refers to his favorite bong as "The One Hit Wonder".

trsidn 05-08-14 12:46 PM

Thinks there's a problem with that...

DBA 05-08-14 01:05 PM

Thinks Woodstock is a real bird and snoopy really fights the Red Baron.

Jseis 05-08-14 01:43 PM

Post a Lie about the poster above - Volume 2
The day unfolds nicely as long as he hits that first tab in the morning.

ahsposo 05-08-14 05:41 PM

One of the very last codetalkers.

3alarmer 05-08-14 07:57 PM

. of the last skin walkers. He likes to turn into a kitty.

MillCreek 05-08-14 08:11 PM

His slippers are lined with the softest of kitty fur. From cats that had a long loving life and died of old age surrounded by their staff.

Jseis 05-08-14 08:20 PM

Cats, a creek, and lots of burlap sacks and bricks in the garage, he's ready to fish.

ahsposo 05-09-14 04:47 AM

Fats, a freak, and lots of dewlap cracks and hicks in the barrage, he's ready to dish.

MillCreek 05-09-14 06:10 AM

On his way to work today, will be certain to stop and smell the roses.

skijor 05-09-14 07:27 AM

Hello Kitty band-aids cover all of his web cams.

MillCreek 05-09-14 05:10 PM

Likes to rip off the band-aids slowly.

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