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ahsposo 05-09-14 06:27 PM

Likes to sniff used band-aids.


3alarmer 05-09-14 08:32 PM

...sees absolutely nothing wrong with that, whatsoever. Thinks curiosity is a virtue, not a vice.

ahsposo 05-09-14 08:43 PM

Hangs out with Girl Scouts only to take his share of the obscene cookie profits.

3alarmer 05-09-14 08:47 PM

...unaware that using the words "obscene" and "Girl Scouts" in the same sentence on the internet alerts the task force . They are even now closing in on his basement lair.

Jseis 05-09-14 10:11 PM

Thought he would escape the task force by expressing how beautifully they expressed their Boy Scout virtues.

3alarmer 05-09-14 10:25 PM

. very expressive.

CbadRider 05-09-14 11:12 PM

Suppresses his inner desire to wear a Girl Scout uniform around the house.

3alarmer 05-10-14 12:48 AM

...never thinks to herself, "Bazinga !" when she posts in the lies thread.

DBA 05-10-14 06:26 AM

Can't decide whether to go commando or wear the wife's underwear today.

ahsposo 05-10-14 07:41 AM

Puts the 'ooze' in boozehound.

skijor 05-10-14 10:02 AM

Mooned the Google Maps van. NTTAWWT

MillCreek 05-10-14 10:04 AM

Likes to lounge around the house wearing nothing more than his Brownie sash.

Jseis 05-10-14 10:27 AM

Lounges with only a sock though it is signed by Flea.

skijor 05-10-14 10:31 AM

Loves to play "What's My Allergy?" with the grandkids.

ahsposo 05-10-14 03:39 PM

Was arrested for certain developments.

black_box 05-10-14 06:42 PM

Is currently not allowed to not speak of said developments.

Jseis 05-10-14 06:51 PM

Scored a TV show based on ah...his character development regarding certain proclivities.

ahsposo 05-10-14 07:55 PM

Is discovering new uses for Valvoline as I type!

MillCreek 05-11-14 07:31 AM

Knows that KY is not just the abbreviation for Kentucky.

ahsposo 05-11-14 08:21 AM

His favorite breakfast is cream cheese and KY jelly on whole wheat toast.

skijor 05-11-14 08:34 AM

Proposed a "You got cream cheese in my chocolate/You got chocolate in my cream cheese" ad to the Philly cheese and Hershey people.

3alarmer 05-11-14 09:15 AM

...his recipe for the perfect grilled cheese s'more sandwich won high praise in this year's Bon Apetit contest. His special trick with bacon fat was heralded as genius.

ahsposo 05-11-14 09:30 AM

A head cheese connoisseur.

Jseis 05-11-14 09:37 AM

Always gives good head cheese to maintain his esteemed connoisseur ranking.

MillCreek 05-11-14 10:10 AM

Makes his own scrapple.

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