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DBA 05-22-14 11:58 AM

Is the original Wedding Crasher...he's now moved on to funerals.

jsharr 05-22-14 11:59 AM

funerals take to long. he now goes to embalmings.

DBA 05-22-14 12:02 PM

He rides in the back of ambulances just waiting....

mastronaut 05-22-14 12:11 PM

Has never been found in the alley behind Ho Lings in the fecal position...

trsidn 05-22-14 12:30 PM

Is the proprietor of the famous "Lee Ho Fuchs"

3alarmer 05-22-14 12:52 PM

.....will love you long time. For free.

jsharr 05-22-14 12:58 PM

drinks bourbon and formaldehyde because he likes the killer hangover.

3alarmer 05-22-14 01:27 PM

...never drinks alcohol. He thinks of his body as a temple, not to be sullied by consumption of impure spirits or impious acts.

MillCreek 05-22-14 01:28 PM

Plans on living forever, thanks to his scientifically-designed regimen of careful doses of bourbon and formaldehyde.

mastronaut 05-22-14 02:29 PM

Has never been accosted for firing rubber bands at the Sister's Habits....

DBA 05-22-14 02:36 PM

His big wish in life is to be an altar boy once again to spend time with his favorite priest.

3alarmer 05-22-14 02:55 PM

...always gets a tiny erection when he reads the phrase "impious acts".

mastronaut 05-22-14 03:31 PM

Has one of the largest 'woodies' on this thread...

3alarmer 05-22-14 05:42 PM

...a huge authority on male penis size in Homo sapiens, he has devoted considerable in depth study to the subject. #nttawwt

mastronaut 05-22-14 06:38 PM

His scrutiny of scrotum, lead to the warning lables on all the upside down bar stools at Phranks Femme Emporium...

ahsposo 05-22-14 08:37 PM

His real name is Frank Lee Madere and he doesn't give damn.

MillCreek 05-22-14 08:44 PM

But sometimes gives a damn.

Jseis 05-22-14 08:48 PM

He's just dam good looking & cruising for a Clydesdale.

3alarmer 05-22-14 08:50 PM

...everyone he's ever been with says he gives very good damn.

black_box 05-22-14 10:01 PM

He likes his hams spiral-cut... if you know what I mean.

Jseis 05-22-14 11:14 PM

A tightly wound spiral notebook makes him giddy as a schoolgirl.

MillCreek 05-23-14 06:01 AM

His tightly-wound corset often causes him to retreat to the fainting couch with a case of the vapors.

DBA 05-23-14 06:18 AM

His give a damn bone still works.

ahsposo 05-23-14 06:23 AM

Has a swollen sympathy gland.

skijor 05-23-14 07:14 AM

Had a big bowl of Swollen-O's™ for breakfast.

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