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ahsposo 06-22-14 03:47 PM

Has sexual relations with barnyard animals.

skijor 06-22-14 05:42 PM

Uses the expression "I know, right?" twenty three times every day.

ahsposo 06-22-14 05:50 PM

Knows it's 5 o'clock somewhere and thinks it's running slow.

black_box 06-22-14 06:52 PM

Unfortunately for him, it really was poop on a stick.

ahsposo 06-22-14 08:01 PM

It takes barnyard animals to lure him from his lair.

Jseis 06-22-14 08:06 PM

The barnyard is where he revels in feasting and fornicating.

mastronaut 06-22-14 08:27 PM

Ferociously avoids fecal matter hates it...

skijor 06-22-14 09:24 PM

He's Patient Zero.

ahsposo 06-23-14 04:33 AM

Is a "Staff Pick".

MillCreek 06-23-14 01:31 PM

Is on the 'Bad Touch' list.

Wilfred Laurier 06-23-14 01:49 PM

played the tambourine on Bad Company's cover of pour some sugar on me

MillCreek 06-23-14 03:59 PM

His musical talent is limited to the tambourine and autoharp.

Jseis 06-23-14 07:32 PM

Post a Lie about the poster above - Volume 2
Gave "More cowbell" at the office.

Wilfred Laurier 06-23-14 07:40 PM

he likes pushing the
sheep to the edge of a cliff
so they will push back

ahsposo 06-23-14 07:40 PM

Gave 110% because the assistant manager demanded it.

the little twerp
needs the work
because he is a jerk
with a smirk.

DBA 06-23-14 08:04 PM

Is teaching j-lo how to his spare time.

skijor 06-24-14 09:24 AM

Drivers Ed instructor to the stars. His patented maneuvers include Whipping-a-Bieber and the Lohan Drift.

Wilfred Laurier 06-24-14 10:08 AM

he thinks his dogs dont mind pulling him along
but in reality they are just trying to escape

jsharr 06-24-14 10:39 AM

He has trained his dogs to pick up his poop when they take him on walks.

skijor 06-24-14 10:43 AM

Tetherball connoisseur

jsharr 06-24-14 11:25 AM

does not really care about the tether

MillCreek 06-24-14 03:19 PM

Is really more of a lanyard kind of guy.

ahsposo 06-24-14 03:53 PM

Is really more of a barnyard kind of guy.

MillCreek 06-24-14 05:23 PM

Is equivocal about being wishy-washy.

skijor 06-24-14 05:30 PM

Owes his vocabulary to Bazooka Joe.

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