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bampilot06 06-19-22 07:48 PM

Originally Posted by seedsbelize2 (Post 22547465)
I got 32 mm Gatorskinsfor $31 apiece. I actually enjoy the ride on Gatorskins. Not like Open Pavés of course, but enough.

Thanks, but no thanks. I keep a pair of 28mm gators for back up. I really dislike the way they ride.

Velo Vol 06-19-22 07:49 PM

Originally Posted by bampilot06 (Post 22547420)
Glad to provide much needed humor to this dreary thread. Boats breaking, Tennessee being mentioned. Bad juju.

Humor? :foo:

Originally Posted by seedsbelize2 (Post 22547450)
Seems like last week..


genejockey 06-19-22 07:51 PM

Originally Posted by seedsbelize2 (Post 22547450)
Seems like last week.
I wonder if I really saw it live, or just think I did. Who was it against. It certainly lit up that season. I was, of course, a Browns fan in those days. Not likely to be again. The Haslem fam tends to rub me the wrong way.

Well, I'm not sure it seems like last week, but it sure as hell doesn't seem like 50 damn years ago!! Then again, I remember arriving in the Bay Area in time for the first big El Nino winter after the drought of the 70s, AND the first Super Bowl the 49ers won with Joe Montana as QB.

bampilot06 06-19-22 07:52 PM

Originally Posted by Velo Vol (Post 22547468)
Humor? :foo:


We were discussing bike related things.

rjones28 06-19-22 07:58 PM

Originally Posted by genejockey (Post 22546780)
Ours too. I don't recall EVER using that garage for cars in 26 years living here. It's called a "two car garage, but if you put two cars in it side by side, they'd have to be convertibles for you to get

Ours mainly gets used for car storage in the winter.

rjones28 06-19-22 08:12 PM

Originally Posted by bampilot06 (Post 22547166)


big john 06-19-22 08:13 PM

Originally Posted by bampilot06 (Post 22547458)
20 bucks is awesome. I don’t think I will be that lucky with 32 mm.

Originally Posted by genejockey (Post 22547463)
Has he still got 'em at $20? I'm kicking myself for not buying a crap-ton of them when PBK was selling pairs for $75!

He has more but the $20 price was for me. He's selling a pair to another guy for $30 each.

Originally Posted by seedsbelize2 (Post 22547466)
A pair for $20. You indeed should get some more.

It was me and they were $20 each.

rjones28 06-19-22 08:15 PM

Originally Posted by genejockey (Post 22547217)
I was doing so well on the bike today, I think some guy on an old Kestrel accused me of being on an e-bike. It wasn't entirely clear, something about "the bike doing the work", So I dropped him. He'll probably comfort himself with the inaccurate belief that the old fat guy who dropped him was cheating.


rjones28 06-19-22 08:22 PM

Originally Posted by Velo Vol (Post 22547398)
I have reviewed the engineer report, and am satisfied they compensated for their strange location.

Good to know that this project has the lawn boy's seal of approval.

WhyFi 06-19-22 09:42 PM

Originally Posted by t2p (Post 22547446)
life is too short to drink cheap beer and ride on well worn / squared tires

I'll agree on cheap beer, but the wear dimples on the tire are still quite distinct - it has a lot of miles left, probably close to 1k, as datlas said. The squaring isn't that bad and, on a rear tire, is irrelevant. I wouldn't toss a $20 tire with that much life in it, let alone one that's $50+

WhyFi 06-19-22 09:46 PM

This is a well-worn tire -

big john 06-19-22 10:45 PM

As of 15 minutes ago, a woman named Nicole Reist is still leading RAAM. I think she's almost 200 miles ahead of second place. Long way to go yet.

MoAlpha 06-20-22 03:18 AM

Originally Posted by bampilot06 (Post 22547443)
So when’s the next race?

The boat is doing a series of day races and regattas in Maine this summer and I’ve been invited, but will probably decline. Wife and I might do a local distance race on our boat this season…or not.

I think my friend, a pro sailor who I recommended as a last minute substitute for this race, has talked the owner into some significant gear upgrades. If that happens over the winter I will probably do some racing on her next season in preparation for another go at Newport-Bermuda.

ls01 06-20-22 03:51 AM

Friday, we did a nice little 45 or so miles, a couple k of climbing. Nice.
Saturday. I'll start off by stating I was the weakest climber of my group. But I never put a foot down. I made it up both Stiener Hill and the wall. It wasn't pretty but I did it. I would like to credit the guys I ride with for motivating and waiting for me. Great bunch of guys.
134 miles and 9600 ft. I set 48 achievements and 20 0f those are personal records. The best part...No cramping. It would appear I am doing better with my hydration plan.

ls01 06-20-22 03:57 AM

Originally Posted by datlas (Post 22543848)
It's not quite Mayhem but I did sign up for our club's Spring Classic, and since they have a 150 mile option, I chose that one. It's this coming Saturday.

I may live to regret that decision. Most of my friends are only doing 100.

If you don't regret it in the short term, post ride. It wasn't epic enough.

ls01 06-20-22 04:02 AM

Originally Posted by Bah Humbug (Post 22543973)
I really wonder if we will eventually need a massive public works to irrigate the SW from the Great Lakes.

Get yer own water, Bub! This here is mine!

indyfabz 06-20-22 04:08 AM

Went out on a limb for 3.

Wordle 366 4/6


ls01 06-20-22 04:28 AM

Originally Posted by Velo Vol (Post 22544645)
Why didn't you take your bike and drive? We could have had a hot Brown Squirrel extravaganza.

uhmm..... eewww

Trsnrtr 06-20-22 04:59 AM

Originally Posted by big john (Post 22547442)
I think it's because she isn't on a road team. I think that's what Nino Schurter did when he raced the Tour de Suisse while he was the 9 time world champion cross country mtb racer.
Jolanda finished the TT in sixth and the winner of the stage had not been on a TT bike before, from what I heard.

I assumed that but found it interesting. Since Trek has a team in the TDS-W. There's a couple interesting things here. 1. Will Jolanda finish higher than her Trek teammates? 2. Will she ride to help a Trek rider if needed or vice versa?

datlas 06-20-22 05:43 AM

Originally Posted by ls01 (Post 22547651)
If you don't regret it in the short term, post ride. It wasn't epic enough.

Maybe, but I felt really good at 100 and kept it at that. Not epic. How was yours??

seedsbelize2 06-20-22 05:53 AM

Wordle 5/6

seedsbelize2 06-20-22 06:06 AM

Originally Posted by datlas (Post 22547693)
Maybe, but I felt really good at 100 and kept it at that. Not epic. How was yours??

I have never felt really good at 100. I have at 80 though.

seedsbelize2 06-20-22 06:08 AM

Shopping for bike shorts. Lower tier though. If I'm going back to spandex I should have more than the one ancient pair

datlas 06-20-22 06:23 AM

Originally Posted by seedsbelize2 (Post 22547708)
Shopping for bike shorts. Lower tier though. If I'm going back to spandex I should have more than the one ancient pair

The Black Bibs are apparently very good value, for your consideration.

WhyFi 06-20-22 06:27 AM

Hot one today - we might squeak over 100⁰. Gonna slip out for a short, pre-heat ride.

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