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C-funk217 06-24-21 04:55 PM

Wahoo Kickr '14 smart trainer
I have a Wahoo Kickr '14 smart trainer (the first one released) and it's been a great trainer for years. I just broke the thin screw (bolt really) that controls the belt tension. It was tightened by a 2.5 mm key and I can't seem to find a replacement at my local hardware store. Does anyone know the size of this bolt? Unfortunately, the broken bolt was lost while cleaing up. Also, Wahoo said they no longer service trainers this old and didn't have any information I could use to order a new bolt. Trainer works great otherwise and I feel like I should be able to replace this one piece to get it going again. Any help is appreciated.

TiHabanero 06-24-21 06:24 PM

Contact Wahoo directly. They will take care of your need.

Barry2 06-24-21 10:26 PM

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Measure the hole.
There can’t be that many metric options.


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