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giantcfr1 09-29-06 08:27 AM

Bike Forum - Wall of Remembrance
I was thinking today about the cyclists who have been killed while riding their bikes, and that I have never seen a "Wall of Remembrance" for them.
I've decided to start this thread for those of us who have been touched in some way, by the death of a fellow rider while they have been riding, and would like to honour them.
Please do not turn this thread into a finger pointing discussion.
Please keep it as name, date, and location.

I would like to start the list:
Darren Smith: 17 November 1992, Pacific Highway, Beenleigh, Australia
Luke Harrop : 12 January 2002, Bermuda Street, Mermaid Waters, Australia.
Amy Gillett: 18 July 2005, Germany

Siu Blue Wind 09-29-06 08:30 AM

sydney: 11/2005 Colorado

caligurl 09-29-06 09:07 AM

jenny ewing: july 25, 2006, silver comet trail, georgia

"a woman should never be afraid to ride alone"

Michigander 09-29-06 09:10 AM

John Peckam, 9/2006, California

Gojohnnygo. 09-29-06 11:58 AM

Karen Fleury, June 1976, Route 9 Plattsburgh, New York

Ritehsedad 09-29-06 07:05 PM

Josiah Woodbury, York Maine. 1980's.

Portis 09-29-06 07:08 PM

Originally Posted by Siu Blue Wind
sydney: 11/2005 Colorado

aka: Jim Price, of Littleton, CO

A man who forgot more about bicycles than most people ever knew.

Gojohnnygo. 09-30-06 08:14 AM

Ken Kifer September 14, 2003 Scottsboro, Alabama.

ollo_ollo 10-03-06 11:43 AM

Susanne Neil Scaringi, 9/27/2006, 35th Ave SW & SW Graham, Seattle, WA

oilfreeandhappy 10-08-06 11:58 PM

I won't mention the name, because the Father might not approve. Father (front), 2 daughters, and mother (rear) were on a family bike-ride, early in the morning, when a drunk driver veered into the bike lane, and hit and killed one of the daughters.

Prince9931 10-09-06 03:52 AM

Damn ..........way too many people on this list already ...... and it will grow :(

Snuffleupagus 10-14-06 04:16 PM

Rachel Giblin, age 15. Hwy 15/401 near the NC/SC border during this year's MS150 ride.

Grasschopper 10-16-06 07:00 AM

Dr. Bohdan Kulakowski: 22 March 2006, Boalsburg, PA

Velomancer 10-22-06 11:37 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Amy Gillett July 2005, Germany.

Ken B. 11-20-06 08:25 AM

Bob Breedlove, June 23 2005 Colorado, during the RAAM.

balto charlie 11-20-06 11:55 AM

Yoram Kaufman, NASA Scientist hit in front Goddard NASA, Greenbelt, Maryland on May 26, 2006, died May 31, 2006

SamHouston 11-20-06 01:45 PM

Messenger Memorial

apclassic9 02-14-07 07:30 AM

Gene Arden Vance, May, 2000 - KIA in Afganistan, long time, well loved WV MTBer.

randya 02-28-07 05:13 PM

Gareth Parker, September 2005, Hit and Run, Portland Oregon.

GreenGrasshoppr 03-12-07 07:13 AM

Originally Posted by caligurl
"a woman should never be afraid to ride alone"

Ardeth Wood, August 6, 2003

Gotte 03-15-07 12:09 PM

I don't want to seem like I'm hyjacking the thread with something that could be seen as being politicised, but this page shows the sad state of the law in Britain and the casual way it treats the deaths of cyclists. It's sad, sad reading.

DieselDan 03-28-07 10:14 PM

I only knew her a "Mouse". She was a Major in the United States Marine Corps. She died in Iraq in December, 2006.

I saw Elvis 04-02-07 02:38 PM

Zac Carr died October 2005.

Horse 04-04-07 05:21 PM

Simon Boily, february 2007

brooklyndriggs 05-07-07 09:12 PM

August 9th, Bronx John - South 4th & Roebling Williamsburg '06. Didn't know him, 'cept what I've heard and read, ride by his ghost bike everyday. How about "walls" of remembrance. Every city.

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