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noglider 05-09-20 10:26 AM

Originally Posted by unworthy1 (Post 21463900)
I have heard it more like "OAF-mega" people I assumed were familiar with proper Italian pronunciation

I've studied Italian in a singing context, so I can pronounce it (and other languages) without understanding most of it. It is oaf-mega but I don't know which syllable gets the emphasis. I assume the second syllable but I could be wrong.

mkeller234 05-09-20 10:37 AM

I regards to the cranks. I have a pair that are newish to me, so not personally ridden many miles. I did sort of gawk at how thin and elegant the arms were, Especially around the pedal threads.

I canít tell you about durability, but I do love how they look.

Salamandrine 05-09-20 10:56 AM

WRT pronunciation: I've always heard pronounced as off mega, like Chevy Vega. That's good enough for me. I am fairly certain that it's a made up word anyway, and therefore there isn't really a correct pronunciation. If I was really curious I could ask my dad, since Italian is his first language. He always insisted on pronouncing Masi correctly, which bugged me slightly. (It isn't Mahz-zee, it is Mah-see) But like I said, it's not a real word, so I don't think that would be helpful.

If I had to guess I think an Italian would say it pretty much like Offa-mega.

seypat 05-09-20 11:09 AM

The Mistral and the Sakae CR crank sure look a lot alike. I wonder what the story is there. - Component: Sakae/Ringyo (SR) CR

squirtdad 05-09-20 05:14 PM

Originally Posted by Ferrouscious (Post 21464391)
What was the intention behind the smaller taper? To be proprietary? Or was there some performance benefit (however small or misconceived)?

who knows..brand differentation and to sell BB maybe best i can tell the smaller taper was before the 80's....think 70/60s but have spent hours researching at one point i could not find anything definitive

JohnDThompson 05-09-20 08:35 PM

Originally Posted by seypat (Post 21464814)
The Mistral and the Sakae CR crank sure look a lot alike. I wonder what the story is there. - Component: Sakae/Ringyo (SR) CR

The Sakae Ringyo CR was a low-budget knock-off of the Mistral aesthetic.

The CR was a "melt-forged" (aka "cast") crank, while the Mistral was cold forged. The CR has a 110mm BCD, while the Mistral has a 144mm BCD.

sced 05-10-20 07:50 AM

I've been struggling with moving a lovely "Nuovo" copy Bianchi-branded Ofmega crankset from an 85 Bianchi Brava to a French-threaded Macario. I bought a thick-cup Campy French-threaded BB on Ebay and merrily mounted the BB and crankset only to find the drive arm would not stay planted. I ended up buying inexpensive new Action French cups on Ebay and yesterday mounted them with Sugino Mighty cranks and BSC spindle. Test ride today.
The BB from the Bianchi looks like the pic below.

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