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itsivxx 07-08-18 02:23 PM

Pulled a 30 mile ride this morning on a 42 pound cruiser..GREAT RIDE !!!

Rode into Eugene this morning next to the collage on the bike path circling around back toward Thurston then home.

Been averaging 15 miles + a day

itsivxx 07-08-18 02:27 PM

Originally Posted by one4smoke (Post 20429292)
54.20 long, hot miles. :twitchy:

Thats what I prefer doing the hot rides...I normally wait until the heat of the day for my rides. 80+ degrees and I'm ready!!

Doctor Morbius 07-08-18 03:31 PM

Did the usual 10 miles today. Felt great!

one4smoke 07-09-18 09:44 PM

Originally Posted by Doctor Morbius (Post 20435490)
Did the usual 10 miles today. Felt great!

22.10 miles, late after work.

subgrade 07-10-18 02:51 AM

Went out for 100+ km last Sunday... got a blowout of the front tire after 21 km. Replaced the tube, then destroyed the pump hose while pumping it up. Didn't get the optimal pressure, but good enough to ride. Settled for a different, shorter route. Got a puncture again after 6 km... Luckily a train station was nearby, and the next train was in just 3 minutes so I got on the train and went home frustrated.

Doctor Morbius 07-10-18 12:02 PM

Originally Posted by one4smoke (Post 20438317)
22.10 miles, late after work.

On the Roam?

bgdoyle 07-10-18 01:21 PM

Did 12 miles today hopefully working to 15 or so. Haven't done any regular riding in 35 years.

Cougrrcj 07-10-18 04:59 PM

Just my normal commute. 12.5 miles each way. 42 minutes going to work, 46 minutes coming home. These elapsed times includes time spent at traffic lights -- that works out to 17.8mph going, 16.3mph returning average speeds. Not bad for an out-of-shape 60-yr-old riding a 32-yr-old vintage steel bike...

one4smoke 07-10-18 05:16 PM

Originally Posted by Doctor Morbius (Post 20439429)
On the Roam?


MikeyMK 07-10-18 07:18 PM

Eleven hours, and still had 3/4 battery when i got home. True hybrid tour - using technology to flatten out hills but burn the calories i would on a manual bike.

Hello07 07-11-18 03:16 AM

I rode approximately 20 miles it was a great ride as the weather was also great. I don't like to miss a ride if the weather calls me out for a ride.

andycook 07-11-18 02:59 PM

Over 10 miles this morning before work. Awesome temp and sunny. Just kept going. Might get another 6-10 miles tonight, though I do plan on going to the gym.

DrIsotope 07-11-18 03:09 PM

It is literally 20 cooler than yesterday, and I had a CloudBro for the first 1h45m of my 2h ride. Props to that cloud, he fought the good fight. 40.0 miles for the morning. Pancake flat, yeeeaaaaahhh!

Patriot1 07-11-18 04:04 PM

Early morning ride....a cool 30 miles!

Doctor Morbius 07-11-18 04:24 PM

15 Miles at a moderate pace. Felt great! :thumb: is predicting 4 MPH winds on Friday so if I can get out early enough and beat the traffic I'm going to push it a little bit and see what happens. :speedy:

Troul 07-11-18 05:06 PM

39 miles

one4smoke 07-11-18 05:43 PM

Originally Posted by Patriot1 (Post 20442097)
Early morning ride....a cool 30 miles!

What is this "cool" you speak of?? :foo:


one4smoke 07-11-18 05:44 PM


chris3928 07-11-18 06:14 PM

32.3 miles. Farthest ride yet.

one4smoke 07-11-18 07:51 PM

Originally Posted by chris3928 (Post 20442312)
32.3 miles. Farthest ride yet.


PhoenixBiker 07-11-18 08:01 PM

13.25 miles in 1:01:07. A little faster than I've been riding lately. Must have been the new tires on the bike. ;-)

Paul Barnard 07-11-18 08:13 PM

60 miles with a lot of climbing.

one4smoke 07-13-18 06:30 PM

Originally Posted by Paul Barnard (Post 20442510)

Much respect for you "gravel guys."


Doctor Morbius 07-13-18 06:34 PM

Just 10 miles, but they were the fastest 10 miles of the year. :thumb:

Troul 07-13-18 08:10 PM

17 miles. Had to abort early for family needs.

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