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diphthong 05-25-20 11:20 AM

Originally Posted by ZHVelo (Post 21495638)
Across Sattelegg in the Swiss Canton of Schwyz. The first photo is from down below on the flat, the second is about 1/3 of the way up, on an even part that gets you to the main road up, after a smaller road I took (which was breathtaking, not a single car, just nature and a couple of farmhouses).

really pretty. at least Troul and myself got the continent right. we were both fairly close on the latitude as well.

Troul 05-25-20 02:45 PM

77 mostly +grade miles. Going to be recovering tomorrow.

kobike86 05-25-20 02:53 PM

there was a curfew :(

CAT7RDR 05-25-20 03:01 PM

84 miles looping around mostly river MUPS with some hills thrown in. Never seen so many riders by the dozens without helmets. New or seldom perhaps?

The Chemist 05-25-20 07:09 PM

Got up at 5:30am to take advantage of the light traffic. Was hoping to ride further, but it was raining so I only rode 21km. Still a nice way to start off the day.

Batstar 05-25-20 09:47 PM

Rode an uneventful 50 k from my home toward the town of Innisfail, AB and back along the old C & E Trail (Calgary > Edmonton). It's a rural road with far less traffic than the main highway. Overcast conditions made it pleasant until it started to spit 5k from the destination.
Landowners/farmers will intentionally plant lines of deciduous trees along their properties for use as shelterbelts to prevent soil erosion and increase crop production. Hope to get better images later in the summer when the vivid yellow canola fields are in bloom.
Waited patiently for the wind to cooperate but it wasnít meant to be. Thought this pic would make a nice tribute to everyone that contributes to this site. Stay healthy and safe all!

one4smoke 05-28-20 01:56 PM

Late posting, but 102 miles on Memorial Day.

HOT!!! 🥵

diphthong 05-28-20 04:43 PM

60-miler around mission bay, then down to imperial beach and back to metro san diego. some sun. some breeze. some clouds. some beers.

velojym 05-28-20 06:03 PM

32, which is a good bit in my current condition.

Pugs2xLove 05-29-20 02:00 PM
High Trestle Bridge. The bridge is lit up at night time. One of these nights, I will make it in the Evening hours and capture that photo.
Starts in Ankeny and ending in Woodward - 50 miles roundtrip. Sunny but breezy morning. Went against the winds for most of the ride.

Thomas15 05-29-20 06:17 PM

Today I rode 62 miles on a rail trail I have done this ride every week for the last four weeks.

Camouflage 05-30-20 02:53 AM

20 Kms. That's my limit.

russtopherb 05-30-20 12:49 PM

13mi. Planned to do my first 20mi ride but realized the route I picked wasn't going to work out for that in my condition. It was the right call.

Pugs2xLove 05-30-20 01:28 PM

30 miles roundtrip. Some trail/some road. Usually ride solo but today I had a friend alongside and today we stopped for brunch. Advice of the day: never ride on a full stomach especially not when there are two rolling hills to climb. The drivers behind me weren't too pleased I'm sure.

csport 05-30-20 02:26 PM

20 miles roundtrip, grocery store ride.

GeneO 05-30-20 06:37 PM

32 mi. Walked another 1.5 mi .Kinda cool. wore long sleeves. Put on new tires and took my gravel ride out for the first time this year (which up to present this year, has been a trainer), but on paved roads. Saw three deer (including a mother with her spring baby), a wild turkey and lots of wild people.

one4smoke 05-31-20 08:47 AM

63 miles. Some of it through downtown with all the BS going on. Saw a lot of the riff-raffs, but the real stupidity didnít kick in until later on.

Pugs2xLove 05-31-20 12:31 PM

40 miles roundtrip. Avoided downtown like the plague. I work downtown so I try not to go there on my days off whenever possible. Some stores, courthouse and restaurants got trashed on Friday and Saturday nights. These places have been closed for over two months and now this. Good job!

Troul 05-31-20 03:07 PM

77.7 yesterday, 44.4 today

rollagain 06-12-20 08:08 PM

Did a little over four miles today, testing a new saddle on the Xebec, since the Brooks B-67 I put on it is too uncomfortable and nowhere near to getting broken in.

The new one is a Cloud 9 Comfort Select, and isn't too bad, but it has a grippy rubber finish that pulls annoyingly at my clothes.

bigd777 06-12-20 08:23 PM

64 miles

gios 06-19-20 11:33 PM

16 and change this morning.

The Chemist 06-20-20 06:51 AM

112.5km. Weather has cooled down considerably from how miserably hot and humid it was a few days ago (only 23C today) so it was considerably more comfortable to ride a long distance. A bit of drizzle from time to time was also nice to keep me cooled off.

NoWhammies 06-20-20 10:03 AM

117k after work. Weather was supposed to rain all weekend - of course. So I wanted to get a longer ride in before the rain hit.

rollagain 06-20-20 11:29 PM

Six miles, give or take ... I was mostly just testing a new seat, which will be going back to where it came from, and not entirely due to the seat. Bottom line, I'll be performing an N-1 soon.

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