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LAJ 03-31-22 09:03 PM

Originally Posted by LesterOfPuppets (Post 22457686)
I wonder if I'm light enough to ride a frame that light

I think so. Heck, my lunker butt rolls a 780 gram frame. That one looks robust for its weight.

ls01 04-01-22 03:44 AM

Originally Posted by ls01 (Post 22457525)
Oh lort hep me! I'm @ the kia dealership wrecking financial future. 1st New car purchase eva!

Originally Posted by seedsbelize2 (Post 22457627)
A hair too shiny for my tastes
Edit: I only quoted Lester. Honest!

weird isn't it? The site does that to me occasionally.

ls01 04-01-22 03:49 AM

Originally Posted by Mojo31 (Post 22457575)
Watch out for the Ben Franklin close, and tell the finance guy to kiss your arse on the upsell warranties, window etching, etc.

Yep, the warranty it comes with is pretty darn good. Even comes with 2 or 3 years of road service.

ls01 04-01-22 03:52 AM
Shiney and new!

phrantic09 04-01-22 04:03 AM

Originally Posted by LAJ (Post 22457732)
Well, I got two of these... Panaracer GravelKing SS + Plus ProTite 700x28 Semi-Slick Tire

Last time I raced Boulder Roubaix, I thought I needed to be fast on the road and the gravel would just be survival. I was wrong... The road was slow, the gravel was like a crit. At midnight. I hope these help a bit.

We have a race here in a few weeks thatís 50/50 dirt and road. I did it last year on 28s and it was fine. Iím thinking this year I may try something a little wider, it may save some of the beating that wears you out around like 70

phrantic09 04-01-22 04:04 AM

Originally Posted by ls01 (Post 22457857)

nice color

indyfabz 04-01-22 04:18 AM

I was an April fool.

Wordle 286 6/6


Bah Humbug 04-01-22 04:23 AM

Originally Posted by LesterOfPuppets (Post 22457662)
Gonna move by June 4th? Weld County Grinder is that day. 66 miles, but only about half is gravel.

I don't think this pic is on the route, but it's in the Grasslands that the WCG goes through.


No. AG did sign up for a gravel tri in Steamboat at some point, though.

Bah Humbug 04-01-22 04:24 AM

Correctly guessed which of several options it was.

Wordle 286 4/6


datlas 04-01-22 05:40 AM


Is this an April fool's joke?

datlas 04-01-22 05:41 AM

Some of my friends are plotting an early season century ride out to Lancaster and back for tomorrow. I think I will give it a try.

datlas 04-01-22 05:42 AM

I should have had today's Wordle in 2 but ended up with 3. Not too shabby and still batting 1000. :bday:

datlas 04-01-22 05:42 AM

Stream of consciousness posting continues. Where is Velo Vol ??

Trsnrtr 04-01-22 06:33 AM

Originally Posted by datlas (Post 22457913)
Stream of consciousness posting continues. Where is Velo Vol ??


Mojo31 04-01-22 06:44 AM

Wordle 286 3/6


WhyFi 04-01-22 06:48 AM

Originally Posted by ls01 (Post 22457857)


I'd really like an EV6, not sure how soon that's gonna happen, though.

seedsbelize2 04-01-22 07:04 AM

Originally Posted by ls01 (Post 22457857)

When I was a ute, new cars got parked, sideways, in the yard or the driveway, on the weekend, to make sure everyone knew.

phrantic09 04-01-22 07:18 AM

Originally Posted by WhyFi (Post 22457965)

I'd really like an EV6, not sure how soon that's gonna happen, though.


Or give me an Outback EV and Iím all in.

Mojo31 04-01-22 07:19 AM

I also recall that you drove around with the sticker on the window for several weeks.

LAJ 04-01-22 07:35 AM

Average is better than a fail.

Wordle 286 4/6


LAJ 04-01-22 07:40 AM

It's April Fools Day. It's a good idea not to believe anything you hear in the news. Pretty much like every other day, I suppose.

LesterOfPuppets 04-01-22 07:40 AM


Wordle 286 6/6


phrantic09 04-01-22 07:40 AM

WhyFi curious about your thoughts.

Challenge lists their Strada Bianca Pro as hookless compatible in 33 and up. Enve lists the 30 as approved on their 25 wide SES AR. Wondering if youíd trust it or stick with what the manufacturer says. Since Zipp doesnít test- Iím thinking I can trust the 30, but who knows.

I imagine that the 33 is about as fast as the GP5k 32 since the 36 is only like a watt slower. Iím probably over thinking it.

Also- I donít know if youíve used the Rapha down size, but if you do, you can use the jersey discount on the bundles. I got some core cargo bibs and a core lightweight jersey for 120 bucks.

big john 04-01-22 07:56 AM

Wordle 286 3/6


seedsbelize2 04-01-22 08:01 AM

Originally Posted by phrantic09 (Post 22458027)
WhyFi curious .


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