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one4smoke 10-10-20 11:49 AM

Originally Posted by ultrarider7 (Post 21735363)

Iíll follow ya on Strava...:thumb:

Troul 10-10-20 03:14 PM

107 miles

Thomas15 10-10-20 07:07 PM

53 miles. I was pressed for time or else would have gone further. I have 140 miles for the week which ends tomorrow. Want to try to get in 30 more.

rydabent 10-11-20 08:32 AM

Only between 20 and 25 miles. I mainly ride the 130 miles of intown mups in Lincoln. But the city has all the park rest rooms closed because of the this china flu. If you drink as much water as you say you should, you have to stop, and now I cant. Normally I would ride between 30 and 35 miles.

Troul 10-11-20 01:27 PM

44.4 miles

rsbob 10-12-20 06:46 PM

A flat 30 in the Snoqualmie valley at an average 19.01 MPH. Started this year trying for 15 MPH average on 30 mile rides but it just kept bumping up from May until today when I hit my goal. In my 30s and 40s used to do centuries and doubles, but drafting, at an average of 19-20 MPH so this makes me feel like a kid again, just zooming along. Woohoo!

Troul 10-12-20 07:15 PM

35.0 miles

diphthong 10-12-20 07:55 PM

47-spot filled with urban and coastal miles. late start meant that it started getting really nice tempwise as i was winding down.

Troul 10-13-20 09:02 AM

28 on the in-door bicycle as I looked thru the pane of glass blurred by heavy rain.

one4smoke 10-13-20 10:23 PM

43 today. Started off feeling a bit under the weather, but the more I rode the stronger I got, and better I felt!

Cycling cures all...

diphthong 10-13-20 10:53 PM


Troul 10-14-20 09:55 AM

31 outside 17 inside.

diphthong 10-14-20 05:16 PM


rsbob 10-14-20 08:00 PM

Twenty wet soggy miles with 600’ climbing. average of 17.8. Max speed, 45 on the 600’ descending. And yes little Ricky, it was a tad foolish and scary.

Troul 10-15-20 12:15 AM

Originally Posted by rsbob (Post 21743782)
Twenty wet soggy miles with 600í climbing. average of 17.8. Max speed, 45 on the 600í descending. And yes little Ricky, it was a tad foolish and scary.

If you're not 1st you're last, Ricky Booby. "Just wanna go fast"

ultrarider7 10-15-20 09:53 AM

55 windy miles

Troul 10-15-20 11:05 AM

39 indoor, sad indoor, miles.

rsbob 10-15-20 07:57 PM

30 miles with 1900’ climbing with an average speed a tad over 17. A lackluster low energy day. 58* day. Taking tomorrow off to drink heavily.

Troul 10-16-20 03:08 PM

45 miles 22F 7mph headwind

kgcabs 10-17-20 02:22 AM

83 coastal cruise

Troul 10-17-20 11:43 AM

51 in doors. Not exciting but it is a good feeling to achieve.

rsbob 10-17-20 11:43 PM

32 and climbed 1500’. 56*. Average speed: Meh

SVTNate 10-18-20 01:28 AM

40 miles. My bike feels dialed in, the Black Bib Company bibs are fantastic, and if I didn't have to turn back home to meet a friend at my house to consume alcohol, I could have done more.

The Chemist 10-18-20 05:16 AM

141.5km. Beautiful day for a ride.

ultrarider7 10-18-20 05:22 AM

60.1 miles

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