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furthernorth 08-21-20 09:49 PM

FS: 57cm Curt Goodrich touring/gravel/cx frameset Columbus Life
Masterbuilder Curt Goodrich touring/cx frameset. Curt was the main builder at Rivendell, before going on his own.

This was a 3000$ custom frameset and the owner had to wait 2 years before getting his frame.

I wouldíve kept it for me, but itís too small so it has to go to somebody else.

First owner told me tubeset was a mix of Columbus Life and True Temper. Itís very light and takes a 27,2mm seatpost.

Now, the price is reflecting something: the paintjob had a hard time. Motor oil dripped on the toptube for a whole winter, so owner tried is best to clean and cover with some blue paint, but the color wasnít and exact match, and the finish isnít the same.

Some paint chips were also covered with nail polish with the same result.

The paint also wrinkeled around the front derailleur clamp. Guess it wasnít dry when first owner builded the bike?

Other than that, itís quite a spectacular frameset. One of the best i had laying around, craftmanship wise. Lugs are SaxMax from Richard Sachs.

Seattube is 57cm c-c

Toptube is 56cm c-c

Price is 1400 USD + shipping.

twolve 06-16-21 05:03 PM

Is this still available? What size tire clearance does it have?


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