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ilikebikes 11-11-20 07:26 PM

“Stranger Things” Max BMX
Did they reissue these? or can I call it a lucky find?

Oldbikenut 11-11-20 07:43 PM

They did, I believe they sold them through Target and I think they were priced around $200, I've seen them for sale second hand between $200 and $500

ilikebikes 11-12-20 09:33 PM

I had a chat with a Target team member and found out that their bike builder found it stash between a few big boxes and had put it on the floor a few hours before I found it.

Oldbikenut 11-14-20 07:44 AM

That's great! I would've bought it too!!!!

DMC707 11-16-20 09:17 AM

Originally Posted by Oldbikenut (Post 21789878)
That's great! I would've bought it too!!!!

Me too ! Cool that they re-issued the old 'Goose frame

Gino71 11-20-20 09:50 PM

I just bought one yesterday at my local Target. It hadn't been built yet, so it's still in the box. Check the Target website and put in the nearest store, you may get lucky.

Rage 11-20-20 09:55 PM

Get out! Lol. That’s a great score.

Gino71 11-20-20 10:14 PM

I just recently started looking into buying BMX bikes. I didn't realize they had made a Stranger Things edition Mongoose. I've seen a few on the local Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace going for double the original MSRP. So I figured they had finished their production run. I was cross shopping on different sites for a BMX and I thought it was an error that the local Target had one in stock. On a whim I went the next morning since I was going into town to run errands and had someone check in the back if they still had it since I didn't see it on the rack. He came back and told me there was only 1 in stock so I just HAD to buy it. LOL

Rage 11-23-20 09:32 AM

Just found one haha!

Gino71 11-23-20 09:36 AM

Did you pick it up?

Rage 11-23-20 09:42 AM

On my way now!

Rage 11-23-20 09:43 AM

The ball and chain says it’ll be cheaper on Black Friday but...

Rage 11-23-20 01:13 PM

So, there’s one other that is local. Another that is kinda out of the way and one last one way out in the boonies.

Afcyclestx 11-23-20 02:28 PM

White on rice!
I’m allll over this one! People around here are sleeping on this one. I gotta grab a couple ASAP!! Thanks!

Gino71 11-23-20 08:47 PM

Rage, that's if you can find them since it's a limited run, I'm not sure when the production run will end. Hopefully you can get one this season.

Rage 11-23-20 09:01 PM

It’s a weird story but I managed to get one of two that popped up not far from me. They were hidden away in a back room or something. Was a giant hassle because they hadn’t been built up yet and they didn’t want to sell them unassembled because of some store policy or something. To mollify me because they wouldn’t sell me one, one of the managers was nice enough to write down the locations of three, possibly four others, that I might be able to purchase. They were between eight and thirty five miles away, though.
As we were about to leave, the ball and chain asks if we could buy one unassembled and pick it up whenever they got around to doing so, even if it took a few days or a week. That was the main issue. They didn’t know when they would be able to do so what with Black Friday coming up. The guy said, “sure.”
So I paid and am supposed to pick it up Friday or after.
Because he wrote down the locations of the others, I might pick ‘em up for Christmas gifts. Not really sure yet.

Rage 11-23-20 09:18 PM

No hard feelings if anyone beats me to them. Kinda why I posted that there were a couple available in NYC area.
I guess I could just buy them up and try and flip them but they don’t actually seem so scarce around here.

Gino71 11-23-20 09:57 PM

Glad you were able to get one, I find it odd they wouldn't sell it to you in the box. I would think they'd appreciate selling them still in the box since it's one less bike the builder has to assemble.

Rage 11-23-20 10:15 PM

That’s why/where things went sideways. If you call them, there’s a message says they’re not gonna answer questions about inventory.
So we had to schlep all the way to another borough just to confirm they had any. We get there and ask about the bike to find out that there are two unassembled in the back.
Great! We’ll take one! But the manager in charge of the toy section says they can’t do it. Won’t sell an unassembled bike. I guess because of liability issues? That’s when I started getting irked.
But whatever. We head over to guest services and inquire there and it’s the same rigmarole. But the manager I requested to speak with there does call around to find out where they might possibly have others. Same stupid deal, tho. He’s sure they won’t sell me one unassembled and because it’s super busy because of the upcoming Black Friday, he doesn’t think they can assemble one right away either.
I’m about to walk off all pi$$ed off when the ball and chain goes, “Can we buy one now and pick it up whenever you guys can assemble it?”
The guy says, “Sure. No problem.”
Why wouldn’t you just say that in the beginning? Lol.
Oh, brother. But all’s well that ends well, right?

Rage 11-24-20 08:28 AM

Turns out Amazon has a couple for around 460 bucks with free shipping. So, if anyone wants one and doesn’t want to go chasing them all over the place because of Target’s refusal to answer phones, this may be the way to go.
It also seems that there are at least two other Stranger Things replica bikes out there. A Mike bike and a Lucas bike?

Gino71 11-24-20 11:53 AM

I've seen the Lucas bike, it's for sale on Wal-Mart's website.

mack_turtle 11-24-20 12:59 PM

did anyone else cringe at the anachronistic bikes that were in season 1 of that show? micro drivetrains and threadless stems were not really a thing in the mid-1980s but that's what they had in the show.

Rage 11-24-20 01:45 PM

I kinda want the Lucas bike now too lol

Rage 11-24-20 02:02 PM

Hi Mack,
I honestly didn’t notice. That kind of stuff always gets by me. Good eye!

Rage 11-25-20 03:15 PM

Went on the Walmart site to take a look at that Lucas bike again and it looks like they’ve restocked the Max bike for 268.99, prolly even cheaper on Black Friday.

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