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Samtay 02-26-21 05:41 PM

Ammaco Booster 18" bmx help
Hi i have an Ammaco Booster 18" bmx can anyone please give me any details about this bike? I only want to sell but i need correct info and i can not find this anywhere. Thanks all

Rolla 02-26-21 09:11 PM

I can't find info on the Booster, all the Ammacos I've seen are inexpensive. Their prices are in British pounds, but they're about $150 to $350 USD new.

Popular brand in the UK, I gather:

AMMACO%2520Mint%2520Green%2520Boys%2520Girls%2520BMX%2520Bike%2520Bicycle%2520Cycle%252068%2520Spoke %2520Freestyle%2520Gyro%2520%25C2%25A370 For Sale

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