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oneclick 05-05-21 12:46 PM

Custom spacer service
I've made a few spacers for various people recently and there might be others who would like some.

These are made on a chinese 7x10 lathe. I'm no pro but have been playing with lathes a long time; for things like this my attitude is "perfect is the enemy of good", so you can expect functional items that are not trying to be pretty.

Axle spacers - tell me the ID and length, they are made from 1/2" nominal aluminium bar stock, I don't bother doing anything to the OD, so they are (supposed to be) 12.7mm OD. If you need an exact OD tell me.

Chainring spacers - tell me ID, thickness, and if there are any OD limits or steps required. Made from the same stock.

BB spacers - sometimes a mm or two is just what you need to move an axle one way or the other. I had to get 4 feet of tubing stock (minimum order, my BB's not that wide) for mine because all the ones I could find were 1.37" and I needed a 36mm spacer; tell me your ID and thickness, and the OD of either the BB or the cup so it will match one or the other.

Prices I'm thinking this - $8 US (includes postage in NA) will get you:

a set of 5 or 6 simple chainring spacers (plain flat ring, stock OD)
two bb spacers (get a spare or a different thickness just in case)
two axle spacers (same or different, your choice)

Since posting this in the C&V Sales forum there have been a few suggestions for other spacers (e.g. freehub/freewheel spacers) if that's what you're after or if you have more complicated requirements let me know.

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