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msdumo 06-04-21 07:58 PM

Occasional clunky noise on rear hub motor
I have had my Ebike (Volt Bike Yukon 750) for 1 week. I love it and have 300km on it already.
I do get an occasional clunking noise between 20-24 KPM (12-16MPH) while pedaling and hoping it will disappear when the bike gets broken in.
This bike has a 750w Bafang rear hub motor. When I increase my speed with more throttle or pedal a little harder the sound goes away.
It occurs sometimes and is not always there.

I'm thinking the motor has a rough spot and makes the cog on the free wheel disengage and reengage while pedaling lightly causing the clunk. Can't feel anything noticeable in the pedals.
Is this something that anyone else has experienced?
Might this disappear when the bike gets broken in a little?

2old 06-04-21 10:03 PM

FME, Electric motors don't "break in". Volt purports to have good CS, so I would try contacting them. The motor is geared AFAICT, so anything "klunking around" isn't a great sign IMO.

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