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vja4Him 06-07-21 05:05 PM

I Need Battery for my Blix Vika+ Folding Ebike ...
Can anyone recommend an after-market battery for my Blix Vika+ Folding Ebike ? Blix does not have any batteries available.

cat0020 06-07-21 07:09 PM

Check Alibaba, do need to know the specifics about your battery to offer better sources.

2old 06-07-21 09:37 PM

Surprised that Blix doesn't have replacements, but maybe they can help locate one. If I had that problem I'd examine the feasibility of having the battery rebuilt.

Doc_Wui 06-09-21 07:15 AM

Probably wants a spare. Perhaps if he contacts a battery rebuilder, like FTH, they may know what kind of case is used by the Blik, and they may even tell him, although I am dubious about either possibility. A good ebike shop that sells Blik and other brands should also know, but whether they let the info out is also dubious.

In this case, the battery looks like it could be a Hailong type, but the variables include how many volts, how many AH, and whether it's 4 pins or 5 pins in the cradle.

2old 06-09-21 09:57 AM

DW; how many different battery to controller connectors have you seen? There are completely different ones on my Haibike, my daughter's DIY Dillenger kit and, of course, the XT-60's, XT-90's and bullets on other kits. It seems to me that most different companies producing e-bikes have proprietary systems. Then, there are those with the batteries in the frame tubes.

Doc_Wui 06-09-21 01:11 PM

Yes, this is really hard to do without lots of pictures and measurements.

Some of those Hailongs use round pins too. Luna has a pack called the Shark, and the Whale. Then you have the Dolphin packs. a design which is at least 8 years old.

You can have Silverfish packs. of different heights. with either 4 or 2 pins, plus they often flip the pin polarity. I recall one poster had two of these. One worked, and one did not. Turned out they did flip polarity, but the battery was well protected. When it was inserted and turned on, the BMS saw the dead short and simply powered off. No drama. No sparks.

2old 06-09-21 01:55 PM

Seems like it behooves the OEM's (major and minor) to have a proprietary system since then customers need to buy extras/replacements from them and they can charge whatever they can get away with. If they don't happen to have extras at any given time, it's no sweat off any part of their body.

alloo 06-09-21 05:40 PM

Do you need a battery immediately? Order one from Blix.

cat0020 06-09-21 05:50 PM

Back in 10 DEC 2020, I ordered two spare batteries for my employee's e-bikes through Alibaba.
48v, 10Ah, $195 each, free shipping, comes with chargers, received on 27 DEC 2020 of placing the order.
The same manufacturer have many other type of e-bike batteries available.
Pretty sure I will order again if I have need for e-bike replacement batteries.

creativepart 06-13-21 11:08 AM

I have a Blix Vika +. But no extra battery.

Here's the battery and it's connection type:

cat0020 06-13-21 03:43 PM

Maybe this would fit?

Doc_Wui 06-13-21 10:04 PM

It looks like a Hailong battery case to me. You will have to look at your pack to see if it is a 4 pin or 5 pin version. The above alibaba link is for importers. Look at ebay or aliexpress for a single unit. I think it might be hard to find a 4 pin version. Unit Pack Power, one of the large China vendors says they moved away from 4 pins.

You can always ask the vendor to quote a price on a 4 pin pack, and also ask for brand name Samfung or LG cells. The latter will raise the price.

speedy25 06-14-21 09:49 PM

A quick tip I found from another Blix. Their spring battery contacts were the cheapest crap I ever encountered. Pry them toward the center of each contact and it might just come back to life.

This solved a battery problem for a customer last year.


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