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jimbossa 06-11-21 02:29 PM

Gilco Tubing for a seat tube replacement
Does anyone have any Columbus Gilco tubing that they are willing to part with? My Colnago Master developed a crack around the front derailleur hanger.

I've contacted Andrew Muzi at yellow jersey and he informed me he can replace the seat tube but currently only has access to round tubing, but would be open to open to repairing the frame with crimped Gilco tubing if I can get my hands on some. Andrew did mention that I need the correct gauge tubing. I am unfortunately ignorant on the different gauges that tubing comes in.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Nessism 06-11-21 03:08 PM

Maybe I'm wrong but I thought Gilco tubing was proprietary to Colnago?

Regarding the tube size, you might want to take some calipers to the OD and measure in the area just above the bottom bracket and below the seat lug. It's likely to be 1-1/8" diameter but it wouldn't hurt to confirm.

repechage 06-25-21 01:12 PM

it shows up on ebay from time to time and other period machines.
As I recall most on offer were top and down tubes for silly prices.

unterhausen 06-25-21 01:35 PM

A seat tube just came up on the framebuilder's list, which I told the OP about. I'm curious if he has managed to buy it

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