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cstar 07-20-21 03:03 PM

Sugino MT 68 spindle or BB
Hi all,

I'm looking to buy a Sugino MT 68 spindle. A complete BB with said spindle would also be fine but all I truly need is the spindle (I have a like NOS MW68 BB set that I can use for BB parts)

If you have one you'd like to sell please let me know!

Thanks! -Chris

cstar 07-21-21 03:23 PM

Alternately, the original BB from an 83 or 84 Centurion ProTour should also work, since it was spec'd with a Sugino AT and thats the bike and crank I'm working with

cstar 07-26-21 02:54 PM

No longer looking, purchased an MT-68 on the 'bay today

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