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lotek 06-10-08 11:21 AM

Group Buys Guidelines
1) All group buys will be posted in this forum only. Any group buys posted in any of the other forums will be moved here, subject to approval, or deleted.
2) Group buys from unauthorized sellers will absolutely not be tolerated. If the seller is not a legitimate retailer for a brand, they cannot offer items for sale. Individuals organizing a group buy amongst members should be prepared to provide contact details for both the organizer, and the source of the item(s) being offered.
3) All group buys will need to clearly state the following information:
1. A detailed description of the item(s) being offered.
2. Price, shipping cost, and payment terms. It is understood that price may vary with participation, but it will still need to be stated up front.
3. Warranty information, if any, will need to be provided.
4. Contact details for the seller/organizer. While it's not expected that your email and phone number/address will be published on the forums, we reserve the right to request that information and may post it in non-public threads.
4) The Group Buy forum will be a place to post group buys, but no group buys will be administered by, or its parent company, Internet Brands. It will be up to the individuals involved to make all payment and shipping arrangements outside the forums.
5) and its parent company, Internet Brands, will not be responsible for any dispute that may arise between any parties participating in a group buy.
6) The group buy threads are not the place to 'review' an offered product. Any such reviews will be
deleted. The purpose of the thread is to a) offer a group buy, and b) opt into the group buy.
Questions about payments, shipping and anything else applicable to the group buy are permitted.

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