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DMF 08-29-07 06:18 PM

New Posters - please READ THIS
Welcome to Bicycle Mechanics Forum. Here mechanics can discuss issues and riders can pick their brains. If you have a mechanical question about your bicycle, here is the place to ask it. (For older bikes, the equally large Classic and Vintage forum might be better.)

Newcomers are welcome. To get the most from your time here, please read these hints. Before posting, do some research. Educate yourself. You must have at least a rudimentary knowledge of bikes in order to discuss them. Fortunately there are some excellent resources for you:For basic repair and maintenance procedures there are on-line instructions. Please review them before posting the 10,000th iteration of "How do I adjust my handlebars?" Hint: Not like the guy below.
  • is a bit more irreverent and opinionated, deals with some topics that the Park Tool site doesn't, and is by no means limited to mountain bikes. Click the silly picture to go there. ("But be warned -- we accept no responsibility for how badly you bugger-up your bike trying to fix it yourself!")
  • Park Tool USA publishes what many consider to be the definitive repair site. Park Tool Repair Help and Education
  • For the visually-oriented (I mean, who has time to read any more?), the videos on this site might be just the ticket. [Note: Now requires monthly subscription fee.]
  • If you have Shimano components, they appear to have consolidated all their technical documents here. The old Tech Tips site is still available via the Wayback Machine here.
  • MadeGood.bikes is new and looks pretty good for newbies. Search this forum before starting a new thread.Your issue is not unique. It happened to someone else last week. If what you find in Search Forumdoesn't help, then by all means start a new topic. When you post a problem or question, be specific about the bike!
Most frustrating - and common - are questions posted without enough information to answer them. We get this a lot:
so my new FSA Super Wonderful crankset finally came in can i use my old bb?
Say what??

This one's a little better, but...
I have a StarTrek 9000. Can I replace the big chain ring with a SuperCog 2000?
You can't expect everyone to remember what crank Scotty used on a given model, or to know whether you chose the double or the triple version. Sure we could do the research for you, but we won't.
  • Tell us at least the type of bike, who made the components in question (e.g. Shimano, SRAM), what group (e.g. Ultegra, Force, Deore), and some idea of the age. 1999? 8-speed? Double or triple crankset? Are the parts original?
  • Best of all would be the part numbers, e.g. "Shimano FD-6503". The part number is stamped or cast on nearly every part, but it can be hard to find without removing the part.
  • How do you use the bike? Are you a racer? BMXer? Do you tour with 100 kilos of equipment? Commute?
  • Pictures are good! One picture is worth 156 words - especially a picture of the problem area. Eye candy is welcome too. Please use good posting form.
  • Type a meaningful Subject line. Make a good first impression. Subjects like help ME!!!!! are likely to be ignored.
  • Check your spelling. The thing that slows you down is a 'brake', not a 'break'.
  • Use standard English capitalization and punctuation. Otherwise the thread topic will become your 'style', and it won't be complimentary.
  • Put your location in your bikeforums profile. Yes, it can make a difference whether you're in San Diego or Latvia.
  • Please do not resurrect old threads, like over a month old, unless you have an update to that specific thread. Start a new thread. Link to the old one if you must comment.
  • Topics such as these have been done, re-done, and over-done:

    Chain lube and cleaning - Don't use WD-40 or butter. Beyond that, everyone has a different opinion.
    Entry-level toolkits - what kit should I buy (if any) - Again, everyone has a different opinion.
    How do I turn my geared bike into a fixie? - answer: buy fixed-gear parts
    Something is creaking! - see Sheldon on creaks
    My pedal fell off! - usually meaning the crank arm - answer: someone put it on wrong. Now you need a new one.
    Campy vs. Shimano - so tired it probably won't even start a flame war.
  • Here are some acronyms that are commonly used on the forum. There are many more related to bicycles. If you don't recognize one, ask!

    LBS - Local Bike Shop
    MTB - Mountain Bike
    BB - Bottom Bracket
    FD - Front Dérailleur
    RD - Rear Dérailleur
    mech - Mechanism, usually a dérailleur and associated parts (UK)
    DS - Drive Side - the side of the bike with the chain et al.
    NDS - Non-Drive Side - the side of the bike without the chain
    nnT - e.g. 34T - the number of teeth on a chain sprocket, usually used as the size of the sprocket
    BCD - Bolt Circle Diameter - how chain rings bolt to a crank (or don't)
    QR - Quick Release, usually for holding a wheel to a fork
    IGH - Internal Gear Hub Sometimes your LBS really is the best place to get your wonderful machine fixed. Fix that bike and go riding!!

Bill Kapaun 08-29-07 06:31 PM

Her seat is too low!

Mr Pantani 08-29-07 06:36 PM

Props, nice guide. I definitely agree with the point that a specific post is a good one. This should definitely help.

tellyho 08-29-07 07:04 PM

I'm not actually convinced her seat is too low. She's on tiptoe with a pretty relaxed seat tube angle....

old_alfie 08-29-07 07:14 PM

Pretty girl, beautiful woman. 65th birthday coming up in a month and a half, a shame about her MS. Personally I think she fits the bike just fine.

operator 08-29-07 07:55 PM

Thanks DMF. I was about to actually write a how to ask a question post but you saved me from doing the typing.

Bob Dopolina 08-29-07 08:15 PM

Originally Posted by Bill Kapaun (Post 5171795)

I think her seat is juuuuust right:D.

jsharr 08-29-07 08:21 PM

that bike has a very high bottom bracket, which would lead to a higher seat position.

Stacey 08-29-07 08:28 PM


Excellent OP... I say we let this get cracked on for a couple of days then clean it up and make a sticky. :beer:

Wordbiker 08-29-07 08:37 PM

Why does she have a rack and a basket? (No, not the one under the sweater)

Nice post DMF :)

MattP. 08-29-07 08:43 PM

Sticky sticky?

Dr.Deltron 08-29-07 08:59 PM

2 things...

Is that Annette Funicello? :rolleyes:

Take pictures of the RIGHT side of the whole bike!

Picture of the LEFT side of the bike with the accompanying question...

"What deraileurs are these?" :roflmao:

DMF 08-29-07 11:27 PM

Originally Posted by Bob Dopolina (Post 5172468)
I think her seat is juuuuust right:D.


DMF 08-30-07 09:42 AM

Originally Posted by Dr.Deltron (Post 5172854)
2 things...

Is that Annette Funicello? :rolleyes:

OH yeah!

You would maybe prefer Barbara Eden?

Originally Posted by Dr.Deltron (Post 5172854)
Take pictures of the RIGHT side of the whole bike!

Picture of the LEFT side of the bike with the accompanying question...

"What deraileurs are these?" :roflmao:

Explicate, por favor. Oh, wait ...

DMF 08-30-07 09:44 AM

Please suggest modifications to the "over-done topics" list.

Halloween 08-30-07 10:05 AM

I'd suggest editing this whole thread to get rid of the gratuitous photos and potentially offensive and irrelevant comments, and then locking it as a read-only sticky.

'How To Use This Forum' sticky threads that mushroom into multiple-page joke fests don't get read by new posters looking for specific answers to specific problems.

Maybe instead:

Allow searching the fora without registration.

DMF 08-30-07 10:31 AM

That might be the plan - it's really up to the mods.

Originally Posted by Halloween
gratuitous photos and potentially offensive and irrelevant comments

We may need to check you for dour disease.

Halloween 08-30-07 11:02 AM

I'm all for bike porn, but y'all can go elsewhere for pinups, can'tcha?

Guess I'm dour.

Try to think of the kids and the ladies, too.

DMF 08-30-07 12:55 PM

You didn't read it in context. The reference was to the post above that she is now about 65. She wasn't old at the time of said accidents, and I was pre-pubescent. <oops>

So as not to offend, I removed the comment. Suggest you remove the quote.

wroomwroomoops 08-30-07 01:26 PM

Thank you, DMF, for the Annette Funicello picture. She's a doll - always has been, always will be. In my opinion anyway.

Also, thank you for mentioning - I don't think they are specific to mountain bikers, though. Au contraire, theirs is an eccellent all-round bike-repair and maintenance website. Again, IMHO. > Park Tool website imho...

neil0502 09-01-07 01:51 AM

Even though it SORT OF overlaps with the chain thing ... I'd add something about grease, greasing, and de-greasing.

Those seem to come up all ... the ... time ....

I also wholeheartedly agree with the notion of whittling this thing down and then leaving just the original post as a sticky.

DMF 09-02-07 12:01 PM

Well darn! I just found out that a post is limited to 10 images. I wanted to add another point to the list, and a smiley or two but can't. Do you think starting a second "permanent" post would be worth it? Or would anyone read it?

Keep the "idea" bulbs or lose them?

operator 09-02-07 12:11 PM

The only sticky we need here is one that direct links to sheldons noise page.

DMF 09-02-07 01:05 PM

Originally Posted by wroomwroomoops (Post 5177507) > Park Tool website imho...

I like them a lot too, but it's hard to make that judgment. They each have strong points. E.g. PT is more precise, UMB is more friendly.

I do hope that the silly pic will generate a lot of newbie traffic there. I've long thought the site is underutilized.

cyclechickirl 09-04-07 01:18 PM

I agree

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