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The Thin Man 12-02-21 12:57 AM

FS: 1983 Fuji Touring Series IV (61cm, C-T)

This 1983 Fuji Touring Series IV is the very definition of a winter project. Coming with most of what it was stocked with in 1983, I am confident it will clean up wonderfully.

The sizing measures out at 61cm (C-T) at the seat post and a 57cm (C-C) at the top tube. The SunTour components are rock solid, the triple crank gives plenty of gearing and the Ukai rims have very little sidewall use. The double eyelets on the rear (single up front) give plenty of options for racks + fenders and the extra spoke holder on the non-drive chainstay is the chef's kiss as a touring delight.

There is still a small item to note, however. On the top tube, drive side there is a small scuff and tiniest indent. It's so minimal that you really can only tell if you concentrate and run your finger over it.

This one doesn't come with a saddle, chain or pedals but the rest of the pieces of the puzzle are there to either upgrade or use as is.

More images located here: 1983 Fuji Touring Series IV Flickr Images

Price: $ SOLD $
Cash, PayPal (F&F or 3% additional), or Venmo accepted.
I am located in Corvallis, Oregon and am hopeful for a local sale. I will also be in Portland in the coming weeks so delivery to close-in PDX is possibility.
If you are interested in shipping, I am open to this but would only do so by dropping the bike off at a trusted local shop and having you coordinate with them on boxing and shipping. I understand this adds to the cost but I have simply backed away from boxing bikes up myself any longer due to liabilities and previously bad experiences. If you are willing to front the cost of boxing the bike, I am open to shipping.

niliraga 12-02-21 08:18 AM

PM sent!

The Thin Man 12-02-21 10:14 AM


Still available.

PilotFishBob 12-02-21 11:13 AM

PM Sent - queue.

The Thin Man 12-02-21 11:23 AM


Still available.

The Thin Man 12-05-21 12:17 PM


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