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eschlwc 01-24-14 09:56 AM

his favorite lego set has a lincoln assassination theme.

Wilfred Laurier 01-24-14 10:13 AM

when asked to choose between coke and pepsi
he chose rc

Jseis 01-24-14 11:01 AM

Around his neck hangs a runcible coke spoon...this explains the itchy, runny, bloody nose.

Wilfred Laurier 01-24-14 11:37 AM

drinks coke with a soup spoon
because he heard that was the cool thing to do in the 70s

3alarmer 01-24-14 12:54 PM

...has forgotten that everyone was cool in the 70's. Even he was cool in the 70's. You cannot both live now and have lived through the 70's without having been cool.

.......................................................#Unpossible .

MillCreek 01-24-14 01:58 PM

Nowadays, he is not so much cool as he is damp.

Jseis 01-24-14 07:46 PM

Well...that clearly Depends.

ahsposo 01-24-14 07:46 PM

'Slimy butt munch' is how he'll fill in his 1040 Usual Occupation slot this year.

Jseis 01-24-14 07:48 PM

In all of recorded time, getting corked is still getting corked.

ahsposo 01-24-14 07:50 PM

But, Butt Munch is still special...

Jseis 01-24-14 08:17 PM

Attempts to disguise his plagiarisitc bottom feeding orgy have run a fowl.

ahsposo 01-24-14 08:25 PM


MillCreek 01-24-14 08:38 PM


ahsposo 01-24-14 08:41 PM


Jseis 01-24-14 08:42 PM


ahsposo 01-24-14 08:44 PM


3alarmer 01-24-14 09:02 PM

...has not been waiting since the new thread started to lay claim to posting #69

MillCreek 01-24-14 09:14 PM

His knowledge of 69 comes from tawdry videos and 'special' pages on the Internet.

3alarmer 01-24-14 09:18 PM

...keeps telling the missus that 69 is not nearly as satisfying as 68.

Jseis 01-24-14 09:20 PM

His S.O. desires his fly fishing results in the fabled bonefish.

3alarmer 01-24-14 09:32 PM

. just one click away from a charge of public avatar defacement, which , given his habitual offender status, ought to result in jail time.

Jseis 01-24-14 09:41 PM

Can't recall if it was the fight in the bone in the fish or the fish in the bone in the fight.

3alarmer 01-24-14 11:24 PM

...constantly fighting his overwhelming urges to bone a fish. The fresh caught ones that are still slippery and thrashing around are verrry tempting.

Jseis 01-25-14 09:29 AM

Stumped at how to bait his hook.

MillCreek 01-25-14 09:30 AM

When there is a fish to be boned, he prefers them weakly twitching and not putting up much of a fight.

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