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ahsposo 07-13-19 04:29 AM

Really likes Uranus and has a lot in common with his new neighbors, the Klingons.

dynodonn 07-13-19 07:12 AM

Ruined the neighborhood on Uranus by bringing his Conehead family with him.

3alarmer 07-13-19 08:14 AM

...his sumptuous mansion, and a six car garage filled with fleet of custom high end bicycles, were all paid for with the money he made dancing topless on Uranus.

no motor? 07-13-19 09:20 AM

Is now barred from every KFC after another unfortunate accident with endogenous methane in NC.

3alarmer 07-13-19 12:56 PM

...his designs for a methane powered rocket to Uranus have set tongues wagging.

ahsposo 07-13-19 05:07 PM

On his way to a pharmacy to find out if they have some potion or lotion to relieve his itchy, painful asteroid.

Rollfast 07-13-19 07:11 PM

Has an asteroid belt.

3alarmer 07-13-19 09:51 PM

...the eldest child of Ken and Barbie, he grew up in a dream house and has no anus.

Rollfast 07-14-19 12:42 AM

His body parts have a 25% tariff on them.

skijor 07-14-19 07:33 AM

Has recently been mistaken for a Ziggy Stardust Barbie. Hipsters keep wanting to add him/it to their collection.

dynodonn 07-14-19 08:07 AM

His version of Ground Control is putting 10 lbs of dirt in a 5 lb bag.

Jseis 07-14-19 09:24 AM

Used Ground Controlís Pooptastic Kid-No-More lawn treatment to halt a fast spreading infestation.

ahsposo 07-14-19 01:29 PM

Voted by his High School class as Most Likely to Spread Infestation.

Rollfast 07-14-19 03:07 PM

Wants more tail. Gets more donuts.

ahsposo 07-14-19 03:35 PM

Thinks I have regrets.

EDIT: I have never been accused by a donut of assault.

3alarmer 07-14-19 04:30 PM

...his new food invention of the salted donut, made from pretzel dough, promises to be the next cronut. He plans to market it to the hypertensive senior demographic.

Rollfast 07-14-19 04:41 PM

Wants a piece of that market, because he knows a lot of hypertensive seniors he could sell to here.

Jseis 07-14-19 09:43 PM

Dawned on him after a stoners binge that Sativa flour and CDB oil was a seniors triple whammy WhoaNut covering hunger, healthcare and highness.

dynodonn 07-14-19 11:30 PM

His version of Woodstock is having numerous stacked cords around the house.

ahsposo 07-15-19 03:13 AM

Ordered some of that influencer bathwater to see if it might make him cool.

dynodonn 07-15-19 06:41 AM

His parents threw him out with the bathwater, and he's been a wandering soul ever since.

3alarmer 07-15-19 09:14 AM

...because he last bathed in 1971, he has significant influence on anyone in his immediate vicinity.

no motor? 07-15-19 10:53 AM

Outdid the $30 bathwater shysters by selling original dirt from Woodstock he's been wearing since then after finding Youtube videos on how to bathe.

skijor 07-15-19 12:05 PM

His 3.5JACK vanity plate is shunned by Apple fanbois.

3alarmer 07-15-19 12:29 PM

...until very recently, he thought that a 3.5 jack referred to the erectile dysfunction experienced after the third time.

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