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shabydog 05-09-17 03:43 PM

Best FOLDING pedals (GRIPY!)
For Tern c7.
I would love to hear recommandations for folding pedals.
Espesialy for hold(no straps) the foot on them.
I searched and found few...but just want to hear from you.
Up to 30$ at most.
Thanks very much!

fietsbob 05-09-17 03:56 PM

Folding? Think about MKS EZY superior QR, they remove quickly , then tye them to the bike.

there is nothing 'great' in the folding pedals for that little money

Brompton use big bearings, R/L same pedal , if you want 2 get the RH thread core, that is made in LH standard,

RH does not have to fold on their bikes { I got a replacement for my left pedal when it developed a hairline crack, company mailed it from England)


reppans 05-09-17 10:13 PM

I use Zefal Mini Clips on my Dahon Speed P8 and Brompton - no slipping any more and does effect my fold.

shabydog 05-09-17 10:13 PM

They are almost 100$
You know, budget is 30-35$ and it crazy much over.
**I looking for folding - not removable. Other wise I'm sure I'll lost them.

reppans: I cannot use it half of year if not more as I wearing sandals and I dont think it comfortable.

So if you and the other folks here can recommend me I would be so grateful!


gataddhin 05-09-17 11:19 PM

I am using Xerama SP-151, packed by Polygon Bikes (Indonesia), manufactured by marwi-eu (world's largest bicycle pedal manufacturer). Bought USD10 in Malaysia. Logged more than 8,000 km.

shabydog 05-09-17 11:30 PM

Thanks gataddhin

I collected ALL the options i have found:
Anyone tried one of these and can share his opinion/s?

VP Bicycle VP-F80

Sunlite Folding Pedals

MKS PB-390 Non-Slip

Wellgo F159

Wellgo FP-265


Wellgo F284


Good grippy that wont make any problem folding my Tern folding bike.

Thanks a lot!!!

bhkyte 05-10-17 01:24 AM

Imo there are only 2 durable folding pedals.

Brompton, I dont like it
Diblasi, not available? Not quality item.
Every thing else seemed to need replacing within 2 years in my experience. I think I have tried all the options you posted.

I use wellgo detachable.
Another idea is to buy as cheap as you can and treat them as disposables that wear out.
Wellgo detachable can be found for 25-35£ on ebay. Advantage of being able to swop quickly for clippness or standard also.
Lost one pair in several years use on several bike. Forgot them once taking car for mot but bike was still ridable with the stub.

shabydog 05-10-17 01:30 AM

Originally Posted by bhkyte (Post 19572822)
Imo there are only 2 durable folding pedals

Why would I need a durable ones?
I just riding on city roads....not mtb.

Is there A noticeable effect (speed) while using folding pedals with bigger flat?

or efficient pedaling while using


bhkyte 05-10-17 03:17 AM

Originally Posted by shabydog (Post 19572825)
Why would I need a durable ones?
I just riding on city roads....not mtb.

Is there A noticeable effect (speed) while using folding pedals with bigger flat?

or efficient pedaling while using


Why do you want pedals that only last two years?
You are asking for recommendations for bugdet pedals and the simple answer is they are no budget folding pedals because they have a short life imo.
If you get some detachable you will still have then in 10 years time. If you get folding pedals( other than Brompton) you will buy between 3-5 pairs over the some period.
The brompton pedal is small and the platform is alongway from the crank. Which is the reason I dont like it. It also can scratch paintwork and get caught in the folded bike.
Another option is to buy some spd standard pedals and fit adapters. They are about the same size as folding pedals.

shabydog 05-10-17 03:23 AM


I have the factory simple plastic pedals came with my Tern C7 and along 2 years they didnt broke.
Can/want to spend even 40$.

What do you think about these:

- Wellgo F265

- MKS FD-7

- Wellgo F-147

- wellgo R146

***Although it not folding - one side is anyway hiding while bike is folded...In anyway I not lay them down on floor.
Maybe this is the "best compromise"?

- Wellgo 284


bhkyte 05-10-17 04:55 AM

I have had all theses pedals.
And yes I have had all of them fail within two years. Except the last but that doesnt fold.
Normal usage not MBK.
I currently use 5 folding bikes and I dont want to be buying new pedals every year. So they have either MKS or wellgo detachables. And I have one pair of clippless in each system also. The wellgo version can be with in your budget on ebay.
I might have been unlucky with my folding pedals lifespans, but I dont want to end up with another crate full of odd sided folding pedals again!

shabydog 05-10-17 06:29 AM

This is so helpful...

Bu are you sure you used&kept on a A reasonable way?
Bc's I use on a daily basis with my Tern C7 - folding the frand + pedels EVERYDAY and nothing happened.

Regarding the Wellgo 284:
Anyone see any kind of problem folding the bike with them except of 1 side that the pedal will stick out of the frame?
I fold the bicycle everyday and stands them on the seatpost.


kayakindude 05-10-17 07:25 AM

- MKS FD-7

I replaced my stock folders with these for the same reason, fine when dry but any moisture made me slip. Bought them through Amazon, easy to install and made a HUGE difference in my cadence and comfort. I can even wear Sperry's on the way in to work and get a tight grip.

Have been in use for three months and no issues as of yet. I also like the push button fold, quick flip up to go for riding on the train.

shabydog 05-10-17 07:34 AM

So from my understanding - the MKS FD-7 is also good with moisture and avoiding slipping?

kayakindude 05-10-17 07:47 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Yeah I have been using them in light rain in Boston traffic with no issues in slipping, including standing and working my way up Beacon Hill. I fold them 1-2 times a week (only when I need to) and they do not affect my fold.

Best of luck.

shabydog 05-10-17 07:58 AM

Looks like I chose the MKS ... I'll wait few hours, maybe someone will tell something regarding the others.
Tnx a lot!

fietsbob 05-10-17 08:26 AM

People have further grip enhanced MKS Lambda [Riv bike calls 'grip kings'] Is drilling and threading to put in tiny setscrews, to further enhance the traction..

the QR pedal line up includes the lambda.

shabydog 05-10-17 11:18 AM

Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 19573367)
People have further grip enhanced MKS Lambda [Riv bike calls 'grip kings'

It huge. SO HUGE
Definitely overkill

Winfried 05-10-17 04:25 PM

Originally Posted by shabydog (Post 19571888)
For Tern c7. I would love to hear recommandations for folding pedals. Espesialy for hold(no straps) the foot on them. I searched and found few...but just want to hear from you. Up to 30$ at most.

Not folding, but 1) quick-release, 2) good grip, and… 3) $60

Xpédo Traverse 5 QRD
New XPEDO QRD-XCF05 XCF-05 9/16" MTB Road Bike Quick Release Pedals Grey | eBay

shabydog 05-11-17 12:44 AM

Thanks @Winfried
But I know that I can lost them.
I know my self.

shrooms 05-11-17 09:50 AM

For $16 shipped you can get Chinese pedals. Once they go bad after two seasons you can get another pair instead of replacing bearing. Also, under $20 there are more different pedals you can check out.

WEST BIKING® Mountain Bike Pedals Lightweight Aluminum Bearing Bicycle Pedal Pedal Slip 4169096 2017 ? $15.99

fietsbob 05-11-17 11:00 AM

Originally Posted by shabydog (Post 19575286)
Thanks @Winfried
But I know that I can losE them.
I know my self.

Re usable zip ties are a winner.

shabydog 05-11-17 11:00 AM

Thank you

One more question:
How "gripy" are the MKS FD-7 compare to wellgo 284?

I dont mind if it plastic or still as it cheap and if it broken I just buying another one. And I really doubt it could happend on a city cycling.

Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 19576141)
Re usable zip ties are a winner.

I know myself - 50% chances I will lost them... Probably it will fall somewhere.

bhkyte 05-12-17 01:03 AM

There aren't many long term folder riders on here using folding peddles because they DO fail due to the small bearing required because of the design. You might get a pair last 2 years or longer but they will fail with normal use regardless of how well they are looked after. This includes MSK 7's Which are rather expensive.
If you want to continue using folding pedals knowing the risk, fine.
But I can assure you its not just me that has had this issue with folding pedals.
There has been many threads similar to this where people where looking for durable folding pedals.
It makes no difference to me what you get. But you seem to want to ignore long term folder user experience on this matter.
MKS FP7 are slippery in the wet. But you can modify them or add studs so they don't.

bhkyte 05-12-17 01:14 AM

Personal if I was going for a folding pedal and would have to use it in the wet I would not consider the MSK 7 but would go for designs like the welgo 147 which you can get in metal bodied version also by user makers. Ie religh stomp. It folds as quick but is a stronger pedal in my experience with no grip issues.
Else, anyone done anything to double cage the Brompton folding pedal?
That would be a fit once and forget solution.

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