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mgw4jc 12-30-19 08:02 AM

Warm and windy morning after some overnight rains. About 64F but with a head or cross wind for the majority of my ride. Just keep pedaling.

liampboyle 12-31-19 07:52 AM

12/18/19 Evening Commute: 27F wind 7mph WNW, Cloudy

12/19/19 Morning Commute: forgot to recoprd
12/19/19 Evening Commute: Clear, 36F, wind 5mph SSW

12/20/19 Morning Commute: Clear, 26F, Wind 3mph ESE
12/20/19 Evening Commute: Cloudy, 40F Wind 4mph E

12/23/19 Morning Commute: Clear, 33F, Wind 4mph NE
12/23/19 Evening Commute: Clear 52F, Wind 4mpn NNE

12/24-25 Merry Chrisma-Hannu-Kwanaz-ica

12/26/19 Morning Commute: Clear, 47F, Wind 6mph S
12/26/19 Evening Commute: Cloudy, 57F, Wind 7mph S

12/27/19 Morning Commute: Overcast, 52F, Wind 4mph SW
12/27/19 Evening Commute: Overcast, 57F, Wind 3mph W

12/30/19 Morning Commute: Cloudy 44F, Wind 14mph WSW
12/30/19 Evening Commute: Cloudy 41F, Wind 12mph SW

12/31/19 Morning Commute: Cloudy 34F, Wind 13mph WSW - Car decided to roll a four way stop while I was in the ****ing intersection. Thankfully my brakes worked well.

mgw4jc 12-31-19 08:08 AM

30 degrees colder this morning compared to yesterday. Clear and no significant wind though. Traffic was extremely light with the holiday and all.
I've been reading about the snow, ice and wind mess going on up north. No travel advisory in Fargo. "Just don't go outside!" Intense stuff. Y'all stay safe up there!

Korina 01-06-20 11:59 PM

Dark but clear this morning, in the upper 30's. Riding the trail through the Arcata Marsh is the best part; even though it's dark, I can see the sky reflected in the ponds, and hear the birds waking up. It's nearly deserted at 6:30; sometimes I'll run across a jogger or another cycle commuter, but mostly it's just me and the quiet and the dark. Riding on the highway under the eucalyptus I only had to stop twice to take branches off the shoulder. The only time those overly bright LED car headlights are useful is when the side wash lights up the shoulder so I can look for oncoming obstacles without having to blast my own light. Got off the highway and onto the trail (different trail, sort of), chilled and sweaty (gotta find a better jacket), arrived at work a few minutes later to a lusciously warm building and hot tea with breakfast.

Lather, rinse, repeat, throwing in fog now and then.

cb400bill 01-07-20 10:50 AM

Closed. Please go to 2020 thread.

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