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VK_Rides84 05-29-19 08:47 PM

5 miles!

I wasnít suppose to ride today but I needed to at least lap the neighborhood on new bike day!

NoWhammies 05-30-19 07:31 AM

34k. 1000+m of hills/elevation. Not a bad way to end the day.

diphthong 05-31-19 01:26 AM

9 miles. 9 whole miles. time to refocus and recharge for summer because that ainít cutting it.

one4smoke 06-02-19 11:09 AM

25 miles at 16.5

DrIsotope 06-02-19 11:19 AM

Too dead to post it on the day it happened.

Still like 60% dead right now.

one4smoke 06-03-19 08:40 PM

Originally Posted by DrIsotope (Post 20958522)
Too dead to post it on the day it happened.

Still like 60% dead right now.

I've done three 100+ rides, and two of the three I was flat wore a$$ out! Just barely was able to make the 100 mark. In all honesty, I was cooked at about 80 or 90 but just kept pushing on cause I wanted that 100 mark so bad. The other one, I went like 109 and still had good energy at the end. All the moons and stars must've be aligned just right that day.

one4smoke 06-05-19 06:41 AM

40 miles yesterday...

NoWhammies 06-05-19 09:08 AM

60k after work. Some rollers, some flats, and some nice scenery along the way.

GlennR 06-06-19 01:59 PM

NoWhammies 06-07-19 09:33 AM

68k. Rode to the base of the mountain. Did some hill climbs with wattage goals. Rode home.

Joshua020 06-07-19 09:39 AM

A quick 50 miles :D

VK_Rides84 06-07-19 11:23 AM

28 Miles of exploration and a trip to the bike shop!

Joshua020 06-08-19 12:56 PM

20 miles

NoWhammies 06-08-19 05:22 PM

100k this morning/afternoon with the wife.

Rollfast 06-09-19 07:45 PM

Originally Posted by VK_Rides84 (Post 20967301)
28 Miles of exploration and a trip to the bike shop!

Mine closed May 25th and the owner of the flower shop before it died two years ago, can't afford the barber next door but hey. the Greek/Italian and Mexican restaurants two blocks down are groovy.

Troul 06-09-19 08:44 PM

38 miles three days in a row. Wanted to keep the pace up, but the rain storm tomorrow suggests indoor activities.

NoWhammies 06-09-19 09:09 PM

41k. This was a wine tasting ride. Ride a bit. Taste some wine at a winery. Repeat. Not a bad way of spending a Sunday.

starchase 06-09-19 09:14 PM

My usual 15.25 mile ride around Wilmington Island, near Savannah. First ride on newly purchased Kenda K838 tires, very smooth, quite tires. I'm going to like these.

one4smoke 06-09-19 09:30 PM

Only 14 miles before the storms rolled in. :eek:

csport 06-09-19 09:41 PM

50 miles, 1300' elevation gain according to the computer. Took a train to Brewster, NY and rode back to Van Cortlandt park.

SJM205 06-10-19 06:28 AM

34 miles with 3,550' of climbing in the "Mega Challenge" route for the PCRC Charity ride in CT. Several hills over 15% grade, and one touched 23%. The stupid things I'll do for an empty, commemorative beer growler.

one4smoke 06-10-19 09:35 PM

I can drive 55!

20 miles before work, 12 at lunch and 23 after work. If my math is right, that's 55 for the day.

NoWhammies 06-10-19 10:11 PM

68k after work, during hill repeats. 2mins rest, 30 secs on, repeat for 10 minutes, 4 x through.

The 68k includes the ride to and from the hill.

Priyangkush 06-11-19 05:52 AM

Need screenshot
Why isn't anyone showing the screenshot of the distance traveled. I mean its a feel good thing (unless you ain't bluffing :P)

NoWhammies 06-14-19 09:38 AM

121k. Finally managed to find some flat roads to ride on around here. The worst was the wind. The never ending wind...

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