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mprince 12-02-21 03:06 PM

Installing a Chris King Headset
I've installed several other headsets using my 20-year old Cyclus headset press, but noticed that Chris King sells adaptors for installing their headset cups. I did not install this headset, Brent Steelman did when he built my frame 20 years ago, which is going to get a repaint. Are these adaptors really necessary? I love having tools, but would prefer one that would get used more than the one time when I get the frame back from the painter, after which this headset will get reinstalled and give me 20+ more years of service...

I will buy the proper tool to remove the cups and crown race, as I don't want to damage either with more primitive means. I thought I had both cup and race removal tools around for a 1" headset, but apparently not. This would be a perfect opportunity for a tool lending process among BF members.

Andrew R Stewart 12-02-21 08:25 PM

I would spend the $ on the install tooling before the removal ones. Andy

mprince 12-02-21 08:54 PM

Originally Posted by Andrew R Stewart (Post 22327247)
I would spend the $ on the install tooling before the removal ones. Andy

Thanks Andy. The challenge is finding the install plates in 1". I'll check with my LBS to see if they have them - if so I'll just pay them to reinstall the cups when the frame arrives back from the painter.

Andrew R Stewart 12-02-21 09:00 PM

I was going to say something about when paying a shop to do a job instead of buying the tool but figured that you were intent to avoid that. Glad I am wrong and you are smart enough to see the cost benefits. I suspect that Allstar Bike Shop (they have a few locations about the greater Raleigh area) has the tools. They did about 10+ years ago when I worked at their Falls of the Neuse location. Andy

mprince 12-03-21 01:30 PM

Well, an update of sorts, the frame has been stripped 95% and I dropped it off at the local shop to get the HS cups popped out (I found my crown race removal tool). While they are at it they will also remove a buggered right side Octalink crank bolt on my drive side Dura-Ace 7700 crank, that's an ugly story for another day though. First time in this particular bike's life (20 years) that it has seen a bike shop. Somehow I have a lot less bike tools than I once had - I guess some of them may have been lent to others and possibly not returned. I guess I don't qualify as a true mechanic anymore :)

mprince 12-06-21 11:27 AM

Shout out to my local shop, a TREK corporate store. They popped out the HS cups, got the driveside crankarm off (they had to go buy a tool to do it), and removed the BB from my frame (which was not on the work order) for $25. The mechanic that did the work was not there today, if he had been I'd have bought him lunch. They also have the adapters to put the HS back in (quoted me $15 for that job), so when the frame comes back from paint it will be a worry-free build. Thanks to Andy for helping me realize this was one of those jobs the LBS is there for.

Andrew R Stewart 12-06-21 12:19 PM

The LBS sounds very fairly priced. The start of a long relationship? Andy

79pmooney 12-06-21 12:19 PM

I came late for this and have no experience with that headset but I just dropped off my frame at TiCycles for some minor braze-on work. Brought in the fork also to show to Dave Levy (TiCycles owner). I'd knocked out the cups but I don't have the tools to remove the alloy crown race without being very, very patient. Dave, "I've got just the tool" (sitting on the workbench). Took him maybe two minutes beginning to end to remove the cup perfectly.

Fork is now at Black Magic Paint. When Dave finishes his work (moving the RD cable housing stop to under the chainstay so I don't hit it with my hub wrench riding fix gear and adding an under DT WB boss) it will go to Black Magic. My 1979 Peter Mooney is going full spiff!

mprince 12-06-21 12:31 PM

Originally Posted by Andrew R Stewart (Post 22330710)
The LBS sounds very fairly priced. The start of a long relationship? Andy

I wouldn't hesitate to use them for any job I am not equipped to handle. I did go to mechanic school (Barnett I beleive) back in the late 80's as it was my dream to open my own shop after college. Life (and reality) got in the way of that, but I've always worked on my own bikes, built my own wheels, etc. As I get older I realize that I don't have as many tools as I once did (or I don't know where they are), and sometimes a bit less patience or time to tackle more challenging jobs. So yes, the relationship will continue...

kingston 12-06-21 02:23 PM

I used a brass slip joint nut I had lying around in place of the adapters to install my CK headset. Worked perfectly.

Rdmonster69 12-06-21 03:31 PM

I used a piece of PVC pipe. Set the crown race like a dream. My home made press with large rubber washers set the cups with no issue. Cut through the rubber washers tho lol

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