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FlatSix911 01-04-15 01:29 AM

c0urt 01-04-15 04:54 AM

ahsposo 01-04-15 09:39 AM

She could whisper into my hotdog anytime...

billnuke1 01-04-15 01:22 PM

Originally Posted by ahsposo (Post 17430518)
Excuse Me? Why is this even occurring? A lighted bottle rocket in a redneck rectum is, to me, understandable.

A pepper laced needle delivered by a top wielding samurai in a shallow cone, a inevitable outcome, is bizarre...

Wait! Something wong here! How do we/you know that it is pepper laced?!

ahsposo 01-04-15 01:35 PM

Well I sure hope it is...

c0urt 01-04-15 04:36 PM

chewybrian 01-05-15 10:06 AM

I was curious about the girl with the hot dog. I did not find any answers.

My advice to you: brace yourself if you decide to search yahoo images for "girl hot dog phone" without the 'safe search' function. Yikes!

Edit--Reverse search says it's Sivi Aberg, Miss Sweden, from an episode of Batman

(a much less disturbing set of search results)

dstrong 01-05-15 01:23 PM

boy...that dog/elevator gif could have ended badly.

FlatSix911 01-05-15 08:35 PM

c0urt 01-06-15 04:41 AM

The girl with the horse is one of the years best als ice bucket challenges because some people need any reason to break out the horse head. I do think the hotdog phone came from Batman. Or atleast i hope so

chewybrian 01-06-15 08:27 AM

I thought the horse head girl was a flashdance thing; you know...

^Wait, that's not quite it.

^Not close there, either.

^Not remotely similar.

Meh; close enough.

c0urt 01-07-15 02:59 AM

chewybrian 01-08-15 05:17 AM

c0urt 01-08-15 08:51 AM


chewybrian 01-09-15 06:58 AM


ahsposo 01-09-15 08:22 AM

That's a Hot dog! :lol:!

c0urt 01-09-15 09:05 AM

that was actually the wrong thread again last night, I have been having a rough week.

chewybrian 01-09-15 06:14 PM

Originally Posted by c0urt (Post 17455072)
that was actually the wrong thread again last night, I have been having a rough week.

Definite dahell, though. Who decided to make a coffin grill to promote their business?

chewybrian 01-10-15 05:20 PM

ahsposo 01-10-15 05:38 PM

^^^I saw that video in it's entirety yesterday. Pretty funny stuff...

chewybrian 01-11-15 08:52 AM

c0urt 01-11-15 11:51 AM

Jeff Wills 01-11-15 11:54 AM

Beyond awesome! Uhh.. hang 18?

Originally Posted by chewybrian (Post 17451667)

chewybrian 01-12-15 04:43 PM

ahsposo 01-12-15 06:16 PM

^^^In my early career I had occasion to work with Dept of The Treasury at FLETC in Brunswick, GA. First time I went through the gates I wasn't prepared for all the crime being acted out. Saw something like that and about freaked. Then I saw all the casual bystanders watching.

Later, much later, they let me blow up a car...

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