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littlecosmo 01-18-22 08:44 PM

Any budget bike computer? How about Magene and XOSS?
Any recommendations for a useful bike computer for cycling?
Specifically I'm looking for something affordable that will have multiple data.
How about the bike computer from Magene and Xoss? Did anyone tried those two brands?
Thank you in advance.

gkamieneski 01-18-22 09:49 PM

I like Cateye’s Padrone Smart. It runs in mirror mode with your iPhone which I am usually carrying anyway. Let’s you know if you have a call or sms.

Jury’s deadlocked on the Xhoss G+ that I gave my Wife. Calories are way off and the barometer altitude also seems off. There’s a noticeable delay finding a GPS signal..

Canker 01-18-22 11:40 PM

Lezyne and Bryton have cheaper units and are a bit more well known.
Might ask in that thread how happy they are with their Coospo GPS, hasn't had it very long though. I have had a Coospo heart rate monitor for 2 or 3 years without any issues.

Iride01 01-19-22 10:00 AM

What is your budget for a budget bike computer?

The biggest decision I'd think is whether you want to only see your data, speed, distance, time, etc., while you are on the bike only or do you want to be able to review your ride in more detail on your computer or phone after the ride?

Some devices are very proprietary and only work with their software. Others more popular brands will work with many different websites like RideWithGPS, STRAVA and many others or with software on your machine like Golden Cheetah. (or is it cloud based now?)

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