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biker128pedal 07-10-22 05:07 PM

I spent the morning changing motorcycle tires and looking at kitchen designs. Could buy some nice two wheelers with the later. Then road. It was freaken cold this afternoon. But the rain stopped and a few sprinkles. 64 F after acclimating to 90 F. But road 34.8 miles on the road.

mschwett 07-10-22 06:39 PM

70.3, 4,100 feet. 16.5mph average. really nice day.

rsbob 07-10-22 07:02 PM

Originally Posted by kahn (Post 22570030)
I'm not sure Lesser Seattle would appreciate our posting pictures of the area tempting more folks to move here. Your pictures keep tempting me to put the bike on the rack and driving to the North Bend area. Of course, that would trigger PTSD since I got hit by a pickup truck there many years ago on an organized ride. Taken to Snoqualmie Valley Hospital where when I dropped my bike shorts gravel spilled out - explaining the burning sensation that I had been feeling. I was black and blue in areas one should never be black and blue. His mirror hit my left shoulder and I did a 180 as my butt dented in the entire side wall of his pickup's bed. My friend thought I was dead but after rolling a number of times (sky and ground, sky and ground, sky/ground), I popped up ALIVE! I had a hole cut in my saddle for a few years after that.

But I digress. I, too, appreciate when folks post pictures of their areas. When I go with a friend there's barely anytime to grab a shot - she keeps on moving, not necessarily fast, just moving.

Donít worry, I go my truck fixed. :D

Injuries with vehicles are never good. Glad you survived and lived to ride again.

Did 5000 miles in the area last year with zero close calls and none so far this year. Think you just had an unlucky day. Try riding the Middle Fork road out to the end and back. Start in N. Bend. It has very light traffic and the scenery is unsurpassed except in the alps.

rsbob 07-10-22 07:49 PM

Did the Tualco to Snohomish, Monroe loop with Mrs Bob. Wonderful temp but some of the drivers up in Snohomish County - yeesh

diphthong 07-10-22 11:41 PM

metro san diego c-note.

kahn 07-11-22 07:34 AM

Originally Posted by rsbob (Post 22570416)
Did the Tualco to Snohomish, Monroe loop with Mrs Bob. Wonderful temp but some of the drivers up in Snohomish County - yeesh

Hope you did not stop for hitchhikers near the prison!!! :p

Jedneck 07-11-22 02:24 PM
Just a short lil spin

kahn 07-11-22 03:41 PM

My 22 miler with a detour into the Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park
Mt Rainier through the Madrone Trees
Cruise Ship, probably leaving???
Colorful glass shadows
Space Needle in the center
Calder and Space Needle
Hey, when THE MOUNTAIN shows itself, take plenty of pictures

kahn 07-11-22 03:47 PM

I over-reached and posted too many pictures!
Richard Serra
Did Paul play chess?
Mt Rainier with Upon, Adjacent and whatever....

diphthong 07-11-22 07:44 PM


rsbob 07-11-22 10:35 PM

Did a quick quarter on my designated trainer bike. Super strange being out on 25c tires with tall gears, but still managed a couple of PRs and a 1st for my age group on one segment. Will ride it off and on, mostly on flatter rides.

Ubie 07-12-22 05:33 PM

15.85mi, ~850' of elevation gain. First road ride in a while. On vacation in an area with rolling hills instead of 'kill you to death, totally like dead' hills is a nice change, even if this total climb is only about 400' less over the same distance.

diphthong 07-12-22 06:54 PM


Troul 07-13-22 05:51 AM

55 miles. Just in time for the dark weather.

SpeedyBlueBiker 07-13-22 09:40 PM

I went out for a ride and did 36 miles. Beautiful day and very nice weather.

diphthong 07-13-22 10:38 PM


Troul 07-14-22 04:17 AM

58 Miles, blasted by only one commercial sprinkler.
As soon as the psi of the head made it's "hiss", the prepurged liquid got me/my chain/the whole one side of me. I need to look into the local code for those sprinkler systems. Seems as if majority of them are spraying more at people/cars, making murky puddles, more than it's hydrating the landscaping itself.

Originally Posted by ooga-booga (Post 22573976)

Stellar! Keep up the long hauls!

Ubie 07-14-22 09:17 AM

20mi today with ~800' of climb. Meant to do 16mi but missed a turn and decided to change my route on the fly.

diphthong 07-14-22 06:19 PM


rsbob 07-14-22 07:11 PM

[QUOTE=mschwett;22570351]70.3, 4,100 feet. 16.5mph average. really nice day.QUOTE]

What a great route. So scenic.

rsbob 07-14-22 07:15 PM

50 miles, super weather, 1400í

kahn 07-15-22 03:21 PM

4 miles and about 800 feet yesterday. 15.7 miles and about 800 feet today.
Mts Index and Persis and Bridal Veil Falls from Heybrook Ridge
Mt Baring and Skykomish River
Golden Gardens

timsch 07-15-22 04:49 PM

0, but 48.5 on Sunday

diphthong 07-15-22 08:49 PM

another coastal c-note.

SpeedyBlueBiker 07-15-22 10:58 PM

48 miles today on a nice warm day. Cycled by the University of Washington where they are preparing for tomorrows Seattle to Portland bicycle ride. Most riders cover the 206 miles in two days but a few do the whole ride in one day. 5500 riders will take part. At its peak they used to have 10,000 riders.

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