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GBK233 08-09-22 05:09 PM

38 miles

kahn 08-09-22 06:07 PM

15.7 and 700 feet on the usual loop after it stopped spitting this morning. I've also mentally tried figuring out the worth of ALL THOSE BOATS!!!!

Troul 08-09-22 07:48 PM

Boats have an infinite price tag.

diphthong 08-09-22 09:51 PM


Troul 08-10-22 04:02 AM

38 miles. Happy Humpday!

diphthong 08-10-22 06:22 PM


SpeedyBlueBiker 08-10-22 10:05 PM

I got in 45 miles today! Nice day to be out, especially in the afternoon.

Troul 08-11-22 03:37 AM

69 Miles with a matching 69°F. That headwind tho..... was strong coming in.

rsbob 08-11-22 05:29 AM

Not one mile but the views are nice
Way up north

diphthong 08-11-22 08:08 PM


SpeedyBlueBiker 08-11-22 09:00 PM

36 miles on a nice sunny afternoon.

kahn 08-11-22 10:06 PM

Originally Posted by rsbob (Post 22606433)

Kirkland looks so quaint! Enjoy.

rsbob 08-12-22 12:35 PM

Originally Posted by kahn (Post 22607535)
Kirkland looks so quaint! Enjoy.

Kirkland circa 1300 AD 🤣

rsbob 08-12-22 12:42 PM

And today’s mystery spot. Lots of semi-suicidal bike packers here riding mountainous roads with zero shoulders and 2 million curves. Add to that zero sun and intermittent downpours and what a great ride they must be having. Daytime high 55* F. The cool thing was the two under the ocean tunnels. My bike mileage = 0

Jedneck 08-12-22 03:06 PM

117 miles.
11255 ft gain
6 mountains and 5 counties sadistic fun ride

Troul 08-12-22 04:40 PM

100 miles & 1 taco.

SpeedyBlueBiker 08-12-22 08:25 PM

29 miles along the Sammamish River Trail.

diphthong 08-12-22 10:24 PM

29-spot as well in mostly coastal north county san diego environs.

Troul 08-13-22 09:01 AM

102 miles & no taco. :sadface:

kahn 08-13-22 09:12 AM

I'll join rsbob

Zero bike miles and I will identify my mystery spot.

Cascade Pass, North Cascades National Park, Washington State.

diphthong 08-13-22 07:53 PM

40-spot. in the 40's ruts.

SpeedyBlueBiker 08-13-22 09:58 PM

36 miles along the Sammamish River Trail. Nice day although a little cloudy.

The Chemist 08-14-22 07:19 AM

Went out late to beat the oppressive heat and humidity.

diphthong 08-14-22 07:43 PM

64-spot. did i mention tacos?

Troul 08-14-22 07:45 PM

Originally Posted by ooga-booga (Post 22610255)
64-spot. did i mention tacos?

ut row, now I want moars taco!

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