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one4smoke 10-01-17 02:37 PM

36 @15.5 this morning. 15 MPH winds slowed me down a bit (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! LOL)

Gonna try to get 14 or so more this afternoon after the race, for at least an even 50.

DrIsotope 10-01-17 03:13 PM

66.1 miles @ 20.1mph. I make an effort to get the Strava Fondo Challenge out of the way on the first of the month-- have managed to do at least 100k on the first of the month seven times this year (7 weeks with a broken hand knocked 2 out, and I'm not riding New Year's Day) so with luck I'll manage to do it on the first of November and December and get nine "Fondos on the First" for the year.

littleArnold 10-01-17 06:31 PM

Rode 10km today with my wife at her pace. We went at about a 10km/hr pace. I set it for her, she fell behind a few times and I coached her said c'mon hun my pace. Eventually want her to get up to doing 10mph for 10 miles. She is improving, that little 100 lb woman getting stronger. I was focused on me trying to get up to 20mph/hr pace, but I'm up to 16mph and thats good enough for me, now the focus is on her. Building her up and making her a stronger rider. She suffers from a Vitamin B12 deficiency that she only can overcome through a shot. So bike rides or any physical activity hard for her because the low vitamin B12 really weakens her, but she is one day going ride 20 miles with me at a 10mph pace, that means more to me then being able to get up to 20mph :)

andcarrotrope 10-01-17 06:41 PM

30 miles today, 23 yesterday. A good weekend, except for the wind!!

one4smoke 10-01-17 08:27 PM

55.5 miles total today at 15.5.

5 was the number of the day!

Troul 10-02-17 04:45 AM

55.5 miles at 15+ , wow.....

Dreaded1 10-02-17 06:50 AM

Knocked out my first century on Friday. I rode with 2 other riders, we hit 3 states, NY, Mass, and VT, 5800 elevation, 6 hours 21 minutes, 101.3 miles, 15.9 avg speed

one4smoke 10-02-17 06:54 AM

Originally Posted by Dreaded1 (Post 19901272)
Knocked out my first century on Friday. I rode with 2 other riders, we hit 3 states, NY, Mass, and VT, 5800 elevation, 6 hours 21 minutes, 101.3 miles, 15.9 avg speed

Congrats! :thumb:

I've done two of them, and it's no easy feat.

Dreaded1 10-02-17 07:42 AM

Originally Posted by one4smoke (Post 19901282)
Congrats! :thumb:

I've done two of them, and it's no easy feat.

I think my next one will be a supported charity ride, probably the Tour De Cure. Any you are correct they are not easy. Felt fine through 60 miles, then it started to get tough.

Troul 10-02-17 06:36 PM

30 miles with 16 mph average. A decent night of sleep helps. If I could get a week having each day worth of good Zzz's, a century will happen soon.

one4smoke 10-03-17 07:45 PM

83.0 today with plenty good climbs. 2,741 feet elevation. Could have went 100, but ran out of daylight and time. Legs were feeling really good. As a matter of fact, last couple of miles I did was the biggest climb!

55murray 10-04-17 08:07 AM

56 miles last evening and night, a record for me. The night miles were great with the full moon. Had some sort of mechanical issue come up the last eight miles (clunking and popping), I'll have to see what is up with that. Maybe I can do a metric century this season on my next ride, maybe an imperial for next year. Hard to imagine getting back from yesterday's ride and pretty much turning around and doing it again!

one4smoke 10-05-17 08:25 AM

Only 12 miles, but a ride nonetheless!

Bald Paul 10-07-17 04:34 PM

Tried to go out for a ride, but when I got to the end of the road that exits our development, a road worker began frantically waving his arms to stop me. They had recently resurfaced that road, and were now sealing it. The substance they were using was a thick, gooey, tar stuff that would not have been fun (or safe) to ride on.
I turned around and rode laps around the development until I got bored, for a grand total of 6.6 miles.

andcarrotrope 10-07-17 05:17 PM

Commuted to work today for the first time. 2 x 11 miles @ 14.5 average.

Nachoman 10-07-17 05:20 PM

38 very fast miles. I'm out of shape.

Stormsedge 10-07-17 05:35 PM

53.5 mi. A good day.

RadialHead 10-07-17 05:49 PM

30.2 miles @ 15.8. The final 3 miles of that route have a few pretty steep climbs that always drop my average. Darn hills!

glenncz 10-07-17 06:05 PM

30 miles with bike shop group. 120 to go to 2K, trying to beat the cold coming. Last year quite at 1820, don't want that to happen again.
I think I ride harder than normal with the group, at least 10 hrs later it sure feels like I did.

Doctor Morbius 10-08-17 02:01 PM

Rode a paltry 16 miles today. The weather was cool and damp so my asthma kicked in. And I'm winding down for the outdoor riding anyway.

Also, I'm freakin' tired of my legs getting sore! Seems like I can handle about 60 miles/week, but if I do 75 or more my quads hurt. Hopefully, I'll be motivated to use the trainer indoors this Winter and by next Spring/Summer I'll be in better condition.

Dirt Farmer 10-08-17 03:29 PM

67.1, 1929 total elevation gain

thormeyyer 10-10-17 12:02 AM

32 km!

Troul 10-10-17 01:23 AM

42 miles. Was a great day for such a ride in October.

tommytbikesny 10-10-17 06:03 PM

25 miles at 10.3mph avg speed, really nice day today.

OldTryGuy 10-10-17 06:35 PM

63 miles before the sun rose, back home for a kit change after a shower then back out for another 40 miles.

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