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JA TREK 05-05-18 05:39 PM
My longest ride so far since I began cycling in March! I think I had more in me, but started getting pretty hungry. Staying around 10-11 mph for an average, but it's gone up from 8 mph which is what I was averaging last month. It was a really beautiful day today here.

GuessWhoCycling 05-05-18 06:09 PM

43 miles 17.5 average speed. Freakin' headwinds! :-P

Dirt Farmer 05-05-18 07:03 PM

68.4 miles, 2785 elevation gain.

Biked from home to Gibraltar Rock and back

Ironfish653 05-05-18 07:41 PM

Just a tick under 18 miles; Williamsburg to Jamestown and back with Pedal the Parkway
First major outing for the 'Adventure Tandem' rig, and my stoker.

airforce1 05-06-18 04:56 AM

97.6 mi with 5522 ft elevation gain

OldTryGuy 05-06-18 03:29 PM

8 miles food shopping related today but 202 miles yesterday, just because.

deex 05-06-18 08:35 PM

Friday Deerfield Beach to Key Largo. Saturday Key Largo to Key West. Close to 220 miles over two days. The tailwind was great so we reached speeds of 30 miles in a group of almost 60 riders.

subgrade 05-07-18 01:57 AM

67 km/42 miles yesterday.

daviddavieboy 05-08-18 03:56 PM

I have been off work because the road I live on was flooded out. It was clear this morning and sense I will have to work tomorrow I thought I may as well go for a good spin. I went on a fairly flat 62 mile and ride up and down the Saint John river. This is the old Trans Canada Highway north of Fredericton NB. Once outside the city there is hardly any traffic and the road is in great condition still.

one4smoke 05-09-18 08:56 PM

53 miles and HOT! :eek:

John00 05-09-18 11:06 PM

60 miles on a beautiful day. After a long winter I thought 66° would be very warm. It's not, I'm glad I brought mt arm warmers. Put them on after 15 minutes and never took them off. Felt very strong, never tired.

bruce19 05-10-18 05:10 AM

one4smoke 05-19-18 04:38 PM

42 miles in the annual Tour de Nash today.

Troul 05-19-18 05:54 PM

55~ miles in 42°F, rain & random winds.
3.45 hours.

OldTryGuy 05-19-18 06:04 PM

Started after dinner last night and finished before lunch today. Almost no wind BUT flying bugs galore, so much so I could have left out the protein at dinner and just kept my mouth open during the ride. YUK!!!!

Slow going but managed 156 miles.

sodbuster72 05-20-18 09:11 PM

42.3 mi Friday, 26.0 today with my 11 year old boy. He was crushing me on climbs since he weighs about 200 lb less than me.... but then he ran out of gas after about 7 1/2 miles and I SMOKED him.

dennis336 05-21-18 03:27 AM

59 miles at the Tour de Lyme (Connecticut). One of the overall (IMO) prettiest road rides in CT. Fundraiser for the Lyme Land Trust so goes through mostly rural Land Trust and State Forest roads. Quite hilly from start to end but nice after ride celebration ... Blue Grass band and a lot of great food trucks in a beautiful setting at a local farm in Lyme. One of those cloudy, foggy mornings but only about 15 minutes of light rain. Really nice ride :giver:

sodbuster72 05-21-18 08:03 PM

16.6 on my exercise route, then 4.2 running errands about town for a total of 20.8

one4smoke 06-07-18 08:41 PM

50.1 miles

blue192 06-07-18 08:47 PM

Actually I did not ride at all because I am sitting at home with a big bowel of popcorn watching toady's provincial election.... But, yesterday I rode about 60km. :)

one4smoke 06-08-18 05:43 PM

37.5 and HOT HOT HOT!

Rollfast 06-08-18 06:19 PM

I got there and back.

Piperflyer 06-08-18 10:14 PM

10 miles on a single speed beach cruiser that’s pink. Lol tulsa has free bikes to use and I was out with my daughter on it. I missed having my gearing

Dirt Farmer 06-09-18 04:34 PM

75 mostly flat miles.

one4smoke 06-10-18 09:09 AM


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