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TheDudeIsHere 11-02-19 11:00 PM

50 miles, 17.4 MPH average speed.

one4smoke 11-04-19 09:50 PM

33 miles today...

rodgeman 11-05-19 10:42 AM

Desert mountain bike ride

  • Distance 11.72 mi
  • Elev Gain 92 ft
  • Time 1h 19m

one4smoke 11-05-19 09:42 PM

Only 15.5 today while out to lunch.

diphthong 11-05-19 10:07 PM

51 windy miles. the leaves were blowing but the dust wasn't.

diphthong 11-05-19 10:10 PM

Originally Posted by NoWhammies (Post 21182105)
Where abouts is this? Looks fantastic.

looks like gmr/grr is first on your list...if you ever make it out to socal...

Slightspeed 11-06-19 10:53 AM

44 miles, Ventura to Summerland, just south of Santa Barbara. Nice fall day, no big wind, no smoke, slight tailwind home. Good times!
Flare up of fire near Reagan Library (flat top building on top of the ridge) from 23 Freeway, driving out.
Channel Islands Bike Club, ready to roll.
Favorite photo spot along Pedaro Road.

indyfabz 11-06-19 11:13 AM

Originally Posted by Slightspeed (Post 21197179)
44 miles,

I did 98.5 miles. Thinking about riding around the block a bunch of times to get to 100. :D

NoWhammies 11-06-19 10:36 PM

Originally Posted by TheDudeIsHere (Post 21182661)
San Gabriel Mountains, So California.

A road locals call GMR, popular climb. Glendora Mtn Rd turns into this road called GRR, Glendora Ridge Rd. 20 mile climb with about 5,000 ft gain. Then down, about 42 miles roundtrip, very popular, used in the Tour of California up to Mt Baldy, the queen stage.

All the more reason I need to get down to to So Cal! Thank you.

one4smoke 11-08-19 07:41 AM

30 miles Wednesday on probably the last 70 day of the year. :cry:

TheDudeIsHere 11-09-19 04:05 PM

34 miles with 4,200 ft gain in the first 17 miles. beautiful day!

taco2ewsday 11-10-19 10:15 PM

24.78mi Distance (?)
1:49:10 Moving Time
636ft Elevation
189W Estimated Avg Power

PdalPowr 11-11-19 01:34 PM

I pedalled furiously for 150 meters and my first McDonalds coffee.😁
Pit stopped for two hours then rode 125 meters then 300 meters to do various errands.🤔 Then I rushed home about two hundred meters away.🤗 This afternoon will be almost as arduous as the morning. I will just break the first kilometer wall.😀
Now excuse me,my second McDonalds coffee awaits.😉

one4smoke 11-11-19 07:12 PM

82 miles yesterday with fairly nice temps, but very windy. No complaints though. :thumb:

NoWhammies 11-12-19 10:37 AM

106k just before the rain hit.

Slightspeed 11-20-19 11:51 AM

47 miles, from Camarillo, down PCH to Malibu - Trancas turnaround, to beat incoming rain storm. Chilly, mid 50s and nice tailwind starting out, bigtime headwind heading home. Still, always a great ride, just missed 17 mph, 16.9 avg. Longest ride on my new Brooks Cambium C17. I think I prefer B17 leather, but still adjusting.

Clouds at Magu Rock.

2007 Roubaix, new Brooks C17.

one4smoke 11-20-19 09:56 PM

Delayed reaction, but 31.10 miles last Sunday.

one4smoke 11-24-19 08:04 PM

63.4 on a very brisk day.

one4smoke 12-01-19 09:00 PM

30 miles and winds about 30mph!

taco2ewsday 12-01-19 09:10 PM

with a headwind on the way out
  • 18.00mi
    Distance (?)
  • 1:21:31
    Moving Time
  • 359ft
  • 180W
    Estimated Avg Power

N00b_Cyclist 12-01-19 11:02 PM

Zwift Ride - Astoria Line NYC

1155ft climbing
1:06:40 time
131w avg power
12.5mph avg

one4smoke 12-04-19 10:06 PM

43 miles today with a good deal of climbing.

bpcyclist 12-04-19 10:28 PM

2 miles of nuthin'. Just resting, basically, as recommended by you wise people. Gonna get back to it tomorrow bright and early. My quad pain is gone. I feel good. Planning on just doing about maybe 20 miles tomorrow, pre-traffic. Been playing around with this app called Ulysses. It's pretty cool for speed and some other things. Anyhow, gonna see how it does on a longer ride. Hopefully, increasing my protein intake and rest will have helped my quad pain situation going forward. I will find out soon enough.

one4smoke 12-06-19 12:15 PM

45 miles with even more climbing!

one4smoke 01-02-20 04:48 PM

30 miles to start the new year!

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