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kyguy 08-17-20 08:51 PM

Gottta do 10 posts before I can ask for help. RULES

diphthong 08-17-20 10:32 PM

Originally Posted by one4smoke (Post 21644205)
Dang, 41 heh? I think the most days I've ever ridden consecutively is about 4 or 5. :rolleyes:

40 miles today.

guessing you haven't been as unemployed as myself the last few months. part of me loves the riding freedom.
part of me hates the lack of income. part of me hates the lack of discipline to wake up early enough to ride wherever
i want. so much self-loathing.

Troul 08-18-20 10:14 AM

32 with not a pothole hit this morning.

vgmightyp 08-18-20 12:02 PM

15 miles. Morning shift before work this afternoon.

daveton 08-18-20 12:54 PM

52.68 miles

vgmightyp 08-18-20 11:57 PM

Originally Posted by kyguy (Post 21646768)
O today. Bike is broke.

This is a big reason why I bought 2 bikes recently. This time last year my current commuter was my do-it-all bike. I had to schedule repairs around my days off so I could still get to work. But it meant my personal ride time suffered. Now I have options. Not in the budget for everyone, but even a back up beater bike helps if your main bike is out of commission.

Troul 08-19-20 05:33 AM

Cold 21.21 miles

ultrarider7 08-19-20 06:52 AM
72 miles, longest ride of the year by about 1/2 a mile.

bubbafat 08-19-20 08:40 AM

10 miles. I've only been biking about 2 weeks; this is my longest ride and first time I've crossed one hour (I'm slow :)

bampilot06 08-19-20 08:58 AM

55 yesterday 50 today

KenRick 08-19-20 09:30 AM

Averaging 12.5miles a day -

vgmightyp 08-19-20 02:03 PM

10.75. Trip to the LBS. Weather is holding steady, may head out again later...

diphthong 08-19-20 02:25 PM


one4smoke 08-19-20 08:45 PM

30 miles on a never-been-on-before greenway.

Troul 08-20-20 06:39 AM

32.1 miles

gios 08-21-20 01:15 AM

22 miles and change (yesterday).

diphthong 08-21-20 02:09 AM


bampilot06 08-21-20 06:05 AM


Troul 08-21-20 01:05 PM


Danhedonia 08-21-20 07:53 PM

24. 100F and smoke from forest fire made the climbs sweaty.

BHG6 08-22-20 12:12 AM

11 miles lol

My Kickr kept dropping out during my Zwift session and I didnít have enough time to troubleshoot.

diphthong 08-22-20 12:21 AM

a low and slow 38-spot.

Troul 08-22-20 10:18 AM

37 miles

UnderDawgAl 08-22-20 06:06 PM

10.5 by myself this morning -- trying to get back in shape after a five-year hiatus, where I focused on sugar-laden coffee, doughnuts, coke, sweet tea, and other forms of sugar.

Then another 12.5 or so with my kids this afternoon! They had a ball. It was their first ride on the W&OD path here in Northern VA. I can't wait till her Woom 4 and his Prevelo 4 show up in October. I look forward to a lot of long rides with them.

ririder 08-23-20 07:42 AM
My first century...yesterday

one4smoke 08-23-20 07:52 AM

Originally Posted by ririder (Post 21656109)

Congrats! :thumb:
How did it go for you? As expected or any surprises? Give us some details...

On my first one, that last 20 was tough! Since then it's gotten easier (depending on the elevation gain). Think I've done 6 or 7 since.

ririder 08-23-20 03:25 PM

Originally Posted by one4smoke (Post 21656122)
Congrats! :thumb:
How did it go for you? As expected or any surprises? Give us some details...

On my first one, that last 20 was tough! Since then it's gotten easier (depending on the elevation gain). Think I've done 6 or 7 since.

It went well! My wife met me at the halfway point with some sandwiches and chocolate milk to keep me from bonking on the way back. No bad dealings with cars, no bike problems. It was a bit of a struggle for the last 15 miles for me, but the only thing that would have stopped me at that point was a catastrophic failure of the bike, or lightening, and that was in the forecast for the late afternoon. The lightening came but I was home for a hour by then. It was a good day. wife rallied the neighbors and when I rode down the street they were out there banging on pots and pans cheering me on. Not too long ago many of them thought I was going to die as I had a horrible case of acute pancreatitis that kept me in the hospital for 60 days. This ride was a victory for me that I'll savor for a while.

diphthong 08-23-20 10:50 PM

dang...a pit crew/support squad/cheerleaders?! awesome. i need to step up my weak century game. i could get used to a pep squad at the end of riding a century. congrats!

gios 08-23-20 11:15 PM

22 miles.

Troul 08-24-20 08:48 AM

45 odd miles. A lot of people out riding/running/walking dogs before sunrise.

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