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drsmoooth 04-26-21 06:05 AM

Yesterday, group ride 35 miles.

ultrarider7 04-26-21 03:48 PM

31 before the rain came back and chased me home.

KPREN 04-27-21 05:56 AM

Best I ever did was Sunday. 132 miles (211Km)

Troul 04-27-21 06:01 AM

39 Miles O.D.

ofajen 04-27-21 08:32 PM

26 blissful miles on the city, county and state trails on the most wonderful spring morning! 👍


CAT7RDR 04-28-21 06:56 PM

32 miles and 4.2K feet of climb in sunny Puente Hills.

ultrarider7 04-28-21 07:30 PM

58 miles on a gorgeous day!

Troul 04-29-21 01:34 PM

If the weather doesn't shape up soon, it'll be back to the indoor trainer. :(

ultrarider7 04-29-21 02:27 PM

58 yesterday and 44 today. I am now at 1,000 outdoor miles for 2021. About 30% less than 2020, but the weather hasn't been very cooperative this spring.

Ayeobe 04-29-21 07:57 PM

Just did ...7 miles? 12~km, but thats the first bike ride i've done in over 10 years, so... not bad?

rsbob 04-29-21 09:14 PM

27th, 27 miles 2,400’ climbing
28th, 27 miles, 570’
29th, 32 miles, 1,400’

I find two hour non-stop rides ideal but take on 50s when I have extra time.

gios 04-30-21 12:59 AM

16 miles.

zabicdrozda 04-30-21 01:47 PM

26.5 km ... half of which into some unpleasant wind.

Troul 04-30-21 03:08 PM

71 Miles O.D. & three flats from all different types of debris.

ultrarider7 04-30-21 03:15 PM

144 miles in the past three days. Today's ride on my old Peugeot was 41 miles.

gios 04-30-21 03:45 PM

16.8 miles.

The Chemist 05-01-21 07:48 AM
63km on a beautiful sunny Labour Day here in Shanghai.

rsbob 05-01-21 10:03 AM

15 whopping miles to complete monthly mileage goal. Did get 3 PRs just for fun. One was by 1 second and another by 30. Oh well.

Troul 05-01-21 01:42 PM

80 Miles O.D. with brand new rubbers. Did not plan the distance achieved, kinda sorta about happened.

biker128pedal 05-01-21 06:13 PM

Weather was perfect. The winds slowed down. Road on the road 24.7 miles. Easy ride. Hope for some off road riding tomorrow.

gios 05-02-21 12:07 AM

17 miles. 80.1F / 26.7C at 7 this morning, which was nice.

Troul 05-02-21 01:38 PM

109 Miles O.D. If I were trying to break a weekly achievement of 100 miles, today covered it.

WobblyPop 05-02-21 01:47 PM

5.7km. short but sweet, just wanted to bomb down some grassy hills with the kids.

gios 05-02-21 02:12 PM

16.8 miles.

kahn 05-02-21 06:47 PM

Too far, ahem fer! 41.8 miles with a gain of about 1,900 feet. Seattle and vicinity. Across the WA-520 bridge, down to Renton around the south end of the Lake Washington and back to Greenlake. Longest ride in more than a year.

rekmeyata 05-02-21 07:36 PM

Well, here's the deal. A friend of mine got Covid back in April of 2020, he was a very avid cyclist, he had a mild case like a head cold, it went away after a week, a week after that he decided to ride his bike at a spin gym and knowing him he probably was going at a fast clip, he came home told his wife he had a great ride then 5 minutes later his wife heard a thump, goes to see what happen and he's on the floor dead. I also heard this has been happening with runners and cyclists. So, two Thursdays ago I got tested positive for Covid after experiencing a slight fever and body aches, that went away in about 2 days and then was left with mild congestion for a week. Today I decided to ride the bike for the first time since the Covid, since I knew what had happened to my friend I only rode it 10 miles at a leisurely pace, I felt nothing odd, but for the next month I'm going to ride at a leisurely pace just to be safe and slowly increase the distance, and then next month kick up a notch.

I don't know, but if any of you get Covid don't go nuts on the bike after you recover, and also don't ride the bike while you're recovering, it may not effect a person, but to another person it could kill them, and since we don't know which person it will kill and which it will not, play it safe.

one4smoke 05-03-21 08:10 PM

30 miles yesterday on a super nice day.

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