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squirtdad 05-02-09 10:23 PM

What Utility Rides/Trips/hauls/errands did you do today???
What utillity (by your definition) did you do today? It will be interesting what and how everyone does. Mods: Possibly sticky if it gets good response?

Here goes mine for today

3 utiiliyt trips, 10 miles

1) rode to return late dvd, checkout farmers market and have lunch with my son. Came back with strawberries, cilantro, carrots, hummus, pita bread and grilled shrimp
2) rode to local hardware store to get some solvents and cleaners for a late 70's univega I am cleaning up for my son. (ever see melted gumwall tires adhere to aluminum rims?) came back with 2 can of spray paint, acetone, paint thinner and rust remover jelly
3) Went to get frozen yogurt for my wife. dusk to night...all the lights on. Came back with tart/sour pomegranate frozen yogurt.

I use wald folding baskets to hold can serch to see what my bike looks like (it is in utiliyt a couple of times)
all in all good day....

AsanaCycles 05-02-09 10:38 PM

grocery run for my grandparents.

tim24k 05-03-09 01:41 AM

A grocery run this morning on the Big Dummy. That was it. It was pouring down rain and high winds most of this afternoon here in the NW.


thehum 05-08-09 08:19 PM

Using my homebuilt xtracycle, I towed a bike bought of CL six miles home last night. Tomorrow I will begin the move out of my college dorm into my summer apartment using this bike and an old baby stroller stripped and converted to a bike trailer.

bloompedal08 05-08-09 08:28 PM

sorry to post in two threads, but this was my big one for the day :)

squirtdad 05-10-09 11:47 PM

Run to hardware store for seeds and 2 cu ft (57 L) bag of potting soil....lettuce soon

qmsdc15 05-12-09 06:06 PM

Damn, Bloompedal, how long did it take you to drink all that beer!? :)

More cardboard boxes.

The biggest 37x24x17 filled with guess what? Styrofoam peanuts. Not protecting something, bags of the packaging material. The two heavy boxes and other items carelessly bungeed on top of the blue bin fell forward onto my wheel a half a block from the drop, but nothing was damaged. :o

The heaviest load today, maybe 400lb.

I crossed these guys when a little gap opened a few minutes after taking this shot. I picked up two boxes from the building on the left and when I came out they were still rolling as strong as in this picture.

buzzman 05-12-09 11:06 PM

cool thread. I usually post in the commuter forum and never noticed there was a Utility Forum. My bike, which is fairly utilitarian, is now, as of today, even more so.

I added a Nashbar front rack to the bike ($12), which allows me to attach a front basket (and remove it easily and still have a rack on the front if needed).

Today it's utility purpose was to move me out of my office for the summer. (Due to construction). I loaded the rear milk crate to capacity and then the front basket. A total of about 40 lbs of stuff and then rode home- 10 miles +. Then had to ride back downtown for another gig tonight. Then rode home and hit the grocery store on the way back loaded front and rear again. 40 miles of commuting and a grand total of about 80 lbs of stuff hauled.

I was calling my bike "Uttila The Bike" tonight I was so happy with it.:p

Pax 05-13-09 08:21 AM

I got home from work yesterday and realized I hadn't stopped at the food co-op and the grocery store like I was supposed I went out and grabbed my bike and pedaled off to shop. It was so nice to take my time (as opposed to my work commute), I slowly went from place to place and made it back home again in under an hour.

qmsdc15 05-13-09 02:19 PM

Buzzman, that's a long commute. Twice, loaded, bravo.

A tomato plant, trowel, gloves, and Miracle-Gro. I figured the heavy vase would hold it in place for the four block trip. I put the green bag over it to keep the gift card in place, tucked the edge under the vase and rolled slow.

Who needs a $500 trailer when a $5.00 roll of tape will do? Me, but not Tom. Retired Naval officer, Ironman competitor, cancer survivor and year-round sandal wearer, rain, sleet or snow. Undisputed king of the large flat using his patented technique here on a 3-dimensional load. This is not me and it was not today, but...

"This place is lousy with coppers." ~James Cagney.
Police week in DC.

tulip 05-14-09 10:23 AM

I don't have a trailer (yet), but yesterday I went to the post office to pick up my business mail and then stopped off at the grocery store for a few things. 7 miles RT. My utility bike is a 2003 Jamis Coda Comp with panniers.

craigR 05-14-09 07:09 PM

Sadly, no ride today, but I made a trip to the bank last night with my Golden Retriever riding his newly created dog hauling trailer. Good times.

RepWI 05-14-09 08:03 PM

Off to the solid waste/garbage place this morning for my weekly trip to the dump.

Then grocery shopping and a stop at a hardware store.

Back home, I loaded up the trailer from the food box at church and off to the food pantry.

This evening my wife asked if I would go and get her a bottle of wine.

total of 18 miles today.

Fast Cloud 05-15-09 08:16 PM

Made a deposit at the bank, picked up a prescription, and stopped by the hardware store. Only 3 miles round trip so I took the long way home. :p

bloompedal08 05-15-09 09:25 PM

Originally Posted by qmsdc15 (Post 8906476)
Damn, Bloompedal, how long did it take you to drink all that beer!? :)

4 days, eleven hours and twelve minutes, not including potty breaks.

JusticeZero 05-16-09 12:04 AM

Commuted to work with a bag and a third of stuff that I can't carry on the bent. Picked up donuts on the way home.

squirtdad 05-18-09 11:29 AM

On the market trip, came back with strawberries, a nice tuscan blend red (Santa Pietra winery), grilled shrimp for Mrs. SD, raspberries and some native plants. Looked a an electric bike that was being marketed (not in market for same....but interestingn to look at the tech)

Fast Cloud 05-18-09 03:09 PM

Nine miles today...

2 to Mcnastys for an eggamuffin.
5 to Wallyworld
2 to Kroger for a grocery run. (the kiddie trailer conversion spanks) :D

San Rensho 05-20-09 09:12 AM

Everyday, the first thing I do when I get up in the morning is go and buy a newspaper, then in the evening after work, I go to the grocery store.

It's probably only two or 3 miles a day, but hey it's something! I feel weird if I don't ride my bike first thing in the morning.

squirtdad 05-20-09 11:19 AM

quick run to the local polling place to vote in the special election (california) my son rode also

77midget 05-20-09 12:25 PM

This morning, as most mornings, I hauled 230lbs of human to an office building, along with 10lbs of support gear for said human. 10 miles each way. On way home tonight, going to hit the package store for some tasty beverages. Normally will also do about 30-50lbs of groceries on the weekend. I ride a converted MTB as a combination commuter/hauler/roadie/etc bike, since it is my only bike.

Rob_U 05-20-09 12:30 PM

I went 15 miles round trip to City Hall to renew our dog's tag.

tsl 05-20-09 01:12 PM

Grocery run this morning. Two other cyclists were shopping too.

Oh, and I stopped at Dunkin' Donuts for their free medium coffee Wednesday.

I have the other panniers on now for the ride to work. A load of library books to return and a bunch of grocery bags for re-use. (When patrons don't have their own book bag, we give them recycled grocery bags.) Even so, I'm taking the long loop. It's a nice day and I have nothing else to do. So I'll take the library books for a nice ride. Air 'em out a little, you know?

bloompedal08 05-20-09 04:29 PM

400 some gallons of recyclables

Juggler2 05-21-09 04:09 PM

Spilled a quart of oil on the concrete portion of the drive way. So, I had to get some kitty litter to clean up the mess. Had to decide between taking the bike or the truck. The truck was definitely overkill, and it was/is a beautiful day... so I took my utility bike. 10 miles, 20lbs of litter. Wonderful ride! :thumb:

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